Contracts of any nature may only be signed by College representatives with appropriate signatory authority.  Those individuals are listed here.

This rule applies to contracts, agreements, and MOUs of any nature, whether for goods, services, affiliations, grants, or other matters.  The full Contract Review and Approval Policy is available in the Policy Manual

CONTRACT REVIEW - Roles and Responsibilities


The College employee assigned to negotiate the agreement with the third party and to steward the agreement documentation through all phases of review and approval.

Owner info page

The individual authorized to sign the agreement on behalf of the College, in accordance with formal delegations of authority. 

Signatory info page

Reviews written agreement and provides advice and recommendations to the Owner and Signatory.

Review Process page
Contract Review Steps

*ALL contracts including renewals and those using an IC template must be reviewed before signing!*

Please submit your contract for review in draft form, by following the steps below:

Complete the Contract Review Request Form in TeamDynamix 

  • Select Services in the menu bar  

  • Select the category Projects and Professional Services   

  • Select the Service, Contract Review   

  • Select Submit Contract Review (Green button in sidebar)  

2. Register the Supplier (supplier/vendor/other party to the agreement) in the Finance Cloud.  Register a Supplier even when the relationship does not involve payments or accounts receivable. 

3. (Optional) SCHEDULE a call with Phil Garin to discuss the purpose, history, and other circumstances surrounding the written agreement. 

4. WHEN THE INTERNAL REVIEW IS COMPLETE (including external confirmation with Suppliers for all edits) and FINAL CONTRACT TERMS are reached with the Supplier – the contract can then be signed by all parties and payment can be processed if required. 

All contracts MUST be reviewed for legal and insurance concerns before they can be signed on behalf of the College. Each contract should allow  four weeks for review  before its initial return is needed, allowing for legal, risk management, IT, and business purpose review. 

For a step by step guide on completing the form through TeamDynamix, including important terms and additional resources, please review the KnowledgeBase article Submitting a Contract for Review 

General Inquiries

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