Office of Student Engagement Awards and Scholarships Recipients 2022

The Office of Student Engagement staff are happy to recognize students at Ithaca College who excel in the areas of leadership, service, involvement in the life of our campus, and academic success. We are pleased to create this website that highlights outstanding students and staff and to recognize the good work they have done to make Ithaca College a community that thrives, and one that so many of us are proud to call home.

Community Service Scholarships

The John P.E. Brown '35 Scholarship was established in memory of John P. E. Brown, a member of the College's board of trustees for 52 years.  It is awarded to students who have outstanding academic records and are active volunteers.

The William A. Scoones Community Service Award celebrates Bill Scoones's lifetime example of service both to Ithaca College and the greater Ithaca community.  It is awarded annually to two rising upper-class students who have made significant contributions to the community through service work.

Involvement Awards

Student Organization Program of the Year

The Program of the Year Award recognizes a successfully planned student organization program that enhanced the Ithaca College community by utilizing a different and creative approach, was open to the entire college community, utilized college resources, and drew in a diverse audience.  

This year, we are honoring  two impactful programs: “IC Day of Learning: Grappling with Antisemitism” and “BIPOC Kickback and Party”.  

The IC Day of Learning: Grappling with Antisemitism was led by Hillel at IC in collaboration with the Center for IDEAS and  other offices, faculty, staff, and students to provide the campus community with a wide variety of educational sessions and resources. This event was created in response to the two instances where swastikas were found on our campus. The goal of the day of learning was to educate the campus as to why antisemitic acts like this still occur in our society, and provide knowledge and context for folks to grapple with antisemitism. Hundreds of people were present and engaged with the various sessions.  

The BIPOC Kickback and Party was an event created and led by Ujima Black Student Union, African Students Association, Brothers IV Brothers, PODER Latinx Student Association, Student Governance Council,  Residence Hall Association,  Sister 2 Sister,  IC Mixed,  IC Upper Quads, and Black Artists United. The event was meant to provide BIPOC students with a space to connect and build community. The leaders of the event composed a mission where they stated that the struggles of the pandemic, social injustices, and other challenges faced by students “moved us to take action to curate spaces, events, and other opportunities to effectively and holistically support students of color and revive our communities”. The event also featured local black owned businesses and student businesses.  

Thank you to all of the collaborators for creating these two engaging and impactful programs for IC! 

Involvement Scholarships

The Anne Siegel '81 Memorial Scholarship was established through gifts to the College from the family and friends of the late Anne Siegel.   It is awarded to rising juniors or seniors who most closely personify the qualities and attributes of Anne Siegel, including good academic performance and involvement in the extracurricular life of the College.

The Class of 2006 Endowed Scholarship honors the many contributions of the members of the class of 2006 and is awarded to rising seniors with solid academic achievement and outstanding leadership and involvement in the Ithaca College community. 

The Jed Haubenstock Memorial Scholarship is awarded in recognition of demonstrated leadership and involvement in campus activities, as well as a high degree of commitment to furthering quality of life on the Ithaca College campus. 

The William Bingham Foundation Endowed Scholarship is awarded to outstanding students who exhibit outstanding leadership and involvement in the Ithaca College community.


Student Governance Council Scholarships

The SGC Scholarship is awarded in recognition of demonstrated leadership qualities and active participation in a wide range of campus organizations.

This year's recipients of the Margaret A. Reid scholarship are Andrew Garoppo, Class of 2024 and Anna Papadopoulos, Class of 2023.  Margaret A. Reid was an Ithaca College student and the bookkeeper on the Executive Board of the Student Government Association as a sophomore for the 1984-1985 academic year. Shortly after returning home for the summer before her junior year, Margaret passed away due to a small and undetected tumor in her brain.  She donated her corneas and kidneys to those in need. The purpose of this scholarship is to recognize current Ithaca College students who embody the same spirit of involvement and dedication as Margaret. She was an excellent student leader, and she understood the great value that participation on campus can lend to an education.