SLC Selection Information

The Office of Student Engagement (OSE) will be hiring 4 New students for the Spring 2022 Student Leadership Consultant team. Applications will open on October 25 and the deadline to apply is 5:00pm on November 8, 2021. If you plan to apply, please be sure to review the SLC Application Tips page and read the SLC job description below!

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Join Our Team! 
We are always looking for dynamic students with a variety of skills and involvement experiences on campus. SLCs are the heart of the Office of Student Engagement and they work 10-20 hours per week coordinating events, consulting with students, marketing programs, running the Student Activities Center, and more! The skills SLCs gain from this position will be invaluable in the workplace after they leave IC, and will offer meaningful experiences that can be shared in the job search process, too. Check out what former SLCs have gained from the role, and what they appreciate most as alumni. Be sure to review the SLC Application Tips. and then Click here to apply now! (Applications open on October 25 and close November 8, 2021)

SLC Job Description:

A team of 12 SLCs assist with the development and implementation of the programs and services offered by OSE. Specific duties include creating marketing materials for events, maintaining databases for student groups, hosting leadership workshops, providing assistance in the Student Activities Center and OSE office, and much more. This is a great position for detail-oriented students interested in working with people and events. Student Leadership Consultants represent the vision and values of OSE. Through continuous education and training, Student Leadership Consultants will have the opportunity to expand their skills in the areas of customer service, public speaking, marketing, and program development. This is a paid, paraprofessional position (rate of pay will be $13.35 per hour). Due to the nature of these requirements and overlapping training times, it will not be feasible to hold another major position on campus, such as RA or Campus Center building manager.

All SLCs will have the following responsibilities:

  • Assist with projects, including the planning of workshops, conferences, volunteer activities, program meetings, etc., and developing marketing materials, such as bulletin boards, print ads, social media, etc.
  • Support the day-to-day activities of OSE and the Student Activities Center (SAC), including but not limited to answering phones, opening and closing the offices, copying, distributing forms and contracts to student organizations, data entry, appointment scheduling, and greeting visitors.
  • Serve as a resource to individuals and student groups and connect them with campus and community resources. This requires responding to requests and seeking information to answer questions appropriately.
  • Host Student Leadership Institute sessions, facilitating sign-ins and assisting presenters as needed.
  • Participate in training and development workshops and attend weekly staff meetings every Monday from 5:30-6:30pm. 
  • Have a flexible schedule and be available to work during the day, evening, and occasionally on weekends.
  • Work 10-15 hours per week, with about 6 hours spent at the OSE or SAC desks and the remainder of the time doing other project work.

Successful SLC candidates are expected to:

  • Demonstrate the ability to work in a team environment and to follow through with ideas from conception to completion.
  • Be adaptable, reliable, confident, and flexible.
  • Adhere to project timelines and work shifts.
  • Have the ability to serve as a role model and act in a professional manner.
  • Demonstrate a capacity for planning ahead and project management.
  • Be familiar with the services, structures, and systems of Ithaca College, especially those related to OSE.
  • Solve problems using creative and critical thinking skills.
  • Take initiative and work independently.
  • Possess excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Set a positive tone for interaction and demonstrate responsibility and respect for others’ rights, feelings, identities, diverse backgrounds, and for personal and College property.
  • Have the ability to contribute to or produce effective marketing materials.
  • Be familiar with or willing to learn how to use technology applications  such as IC Engage, MailChimp, Microsoft Teams, etc.
  • Maintain good academic and judicial standing. Minimum required GPA at time of hiring is 2.75.
  • Express enthusiasm and positive energy in a dynamic work environment.

SLC candidates must have completed at least one full semester at Ithaca College before being eligible to apply.