The Office of Student Engagement provides meaningful opportunities for students to work with us and help us further our initiatives.

Student Leadership Consultants (SLC's)
A team of 15 SLCs assist with the development and implementation of the programs and services offered by OSEMA. Specific duties include creating marketing materials for events, maintaining databases for student groups, hosting leadership workshops, providing assistance in the Student Activities Center and OSEMA office, and much more. This is a great position for detail-oriented students interested in working with people and events.

Jumpstart Leaders
The Jumpstart Program provides an opportunity for new students to transition into college and get acquainted with peers before the semester begins in one of four specially designed programs. Current students serve as leaders and will be volunteering with Jumpstart participants, camping and hiking with them, or leading and participating in other activities. They are also a valuable source of information and advice as students begin their college experience!