What Did Being an SLC Teach You?

Student Leadership Consultant Alumni were asked to share what skills and lessons they learned from the SLC role in the Office of Student Engagement that they still use and apply in their professional lives now.

“It taught me how to work in an office setting which is such an important skill that folks underestimate. I currently work in an office setting and I’m happy that I could transfer what I learned as an SLC to my position as a Community Organizer at Organize Florida!”- Avery Santiago ‘19


“Being an SLC taught me about being a leader in the workplace and how to lead others, manage my time and cooperate with a team on various projects and tasks”. - Sara Jongeneel ‘17


“Since my time as an SLC, there are two skills that have stuck with me from job to job: making an impact and connecting people. Being an SLC will teach you the skills you need to succeed in any professional, or personal environment. On a daily basis you will recall your trainings and projects to help be a difference maker and serve as a go to person on campus and beyond”. - Willie Sleight ‘12


“I spent my sophomore and junior year working as an SLC during the school year and interning during the summer. When I left IC, I had a combined two years of administrative work experience that qualified me for numerous job opportunities and helped me land my dream job even though I hadn’t completed my Bachelor's degree yet. OSEMA/OSE essentially allowed me to start my career before I was even out of college”. - Terri Landez ‘19


“Like many at IC, I was involved in different student orgs and activities - probably overinvolved. But as that narrowed down up through senior year, becoming an SLC felt like a progression of what I learned in classes and clubs. I looked up to those who were older than me and in the role, and then to those who came after. And still do. It provided a safe space to learn, stretch in different areas, and sometimes, teach others. It taught me to collaborate and keep an open mind. In many ways, like many IC experiences, it set a high bar - for what an awesome team and working environment could be like. I felt empowered to build something with others, and to be myself. I feel this helped me obtain a job before graduating. And even apart from that, I'm just so grateful for having had the SLC experience.” - Jason King ‘12 


 “To always take a second at the end of the day and recount “One Good Thing” that happened. Despite going into a completely different field (broadcast television), I have applied the daily lessons I learned working in OSEMA to how I approach each and every day — chief among them: connecting and understanding others. Being an SLC taught me that not everyone has the same leadership style, but that doesn’t mean they can’t all get the job done — especially when they work together. Having that perspective has been vital in encountering the various personalities I have in TV, and has kept me level-headed, too. Also, to always park in a different parking spot each day so as to have a different perspective on life. It’s the little things!”- Mia O’Brien ‘15


“Being an SLC gave me real experience managing a variety of big projects. Each were completely different and had several moving pieces that had to fit in a timely fashion. There was help from teammates and supervisors, but this was the first time in such a fast paced environment, which definitely prepared me for my full time job. Being an SLC will teach you the balance of professionalism and fun, since you're working with friends but also building a working rapport.”- Elena Haskins ‘18