Peggy Ryan Williams Award for Academic and Community Leadership

Peggy Ryan Williams served as president of Ithaca College from 1997 to 2008. She was a strong advocate for academic achievement, co-curricular involvement, and community service. Based on these qualities, this award for academic and community leadership was named in her honor. After her tenure at Ithaca College, Dr. Williams has continued to support student leadership on campus and involvement in the community. She is a role model for life-long service to higher education, as demonstrated by her involvement on the board of the American Association of University Women, and her global work with the Women in Leadership in Higher Education Forum.

This award recognizes students who excel academically, perform service to the College community and nation, and represent an exemplary level of accomplishment. The most outstanding students representing the College are selected for this award.

To be considered for this award, a student must have at least a 3.0 cumulative grade point average, be in good judicial standing, and have made contributions in multiple areas, including:

1. Academic activities,

2. Involvement and leadership in organizations,

3. Community service, and

4. Paid positions of a selective nature

The selection committee for this award consists of leaders in each of the academic schools and the Office of Student Engagement, as well as students who are former recipients of the award. This committee reads every application, ranks them, and reviews each applicant’s qualifications – which results in the 55 students being honored.

Roy H. Park School of Communications

Sierra Baker (Class of 2021)

Kara Bowen (Class of 2021)

Elena Chang (Class of 2021)

Alexis Davis (Class of 2021)

Aidan Glendon (Class of 2021)

Laura Heppes (Class of 2021)

Sarah Levin (Class of 2021)

Jackie Marusiak (Class of 2021)

Izzy Oliverio (Class of 2021)

Emily Rosato (Class of 2021)

Connor Shea (Class of 2021)

Ashley Stalnecker (Class of 2021)

Lauren Stapleton (Class of 2021)

Jordan Stecker (Class of 2021)

Joise Berman (Class of 2020)

Samantha Epstein (Class of 2020)

Sarah Horbacewicz (Class of 2020)

Noella Mpinga (Class of 2020)

Sobeida Rosa (Class of 2020)

School of Business

Lenorad Bien-Aime (Class of 2020)

Riyla Greeslamirya (Class of 2020)

Ryan Harter (Class of 2020)

Ali Kelley (Class of 2021)

Grey Larkin (Class of 2020)

Peter Mankiewich (Class of 2020)

Markiesha Morgan (Class of 2020)

Molly Whitehead (Class of 2021)

School of Health Sciences and Human Performance

Olutayo Akinboboye (Class of 2020)

Megan Beahan (Class of 2020)

Annis Bell (Class of 2020)

Lauren Bovenzi (Class of 2020)

Elizabeth Gee (Class of 2020)

Marissa Holske (Class of 2020)

Christine King (Class of 2020)

Jamie Loughney (Class of 2020)

Madelyn McConnon (Class of 2020)

Emma Schaefer (Class of 2020)

Oliva Schwed (Class of 2020)

Noah Weiss (Class of 2020)

Camille Wrege (Class of 2020)

School of Humanities and Sciences

Calissa Brown (Class of 2020)

Isabella Carney (Class 2021)

Danielle Fernandez (Class 2021)

Olivia Gellar (Class of 2020)

Kat McSherry (Class of 2021)

Katelyn Monaco (Class of 2021)

Breana Nieves Vergara (Class of 2020)

Michele Paniagua (Class of 2020)

Alex Perry (Class of 2020)

Angelina Randazzo (Class of 2021)

Grayson Stevens (Class of 2021)

Maria White (Class of 2021)

School of Music

James Hope (Class 2021)

Melanie Lota (Class of 2020)

Hannah Weibley (Class of 2020)