Please follow the procedures below for depositing cash and checks:

  • Each deposit must be accompanied by a Student Organization Deposit Slip (available at the Ithaca College CFCU branch) or downloaded from the Financial Services website. student organizations wanting a receipt for the deposit should print and bring an extra completed deposit slip to CFCU to be stamped as a receipt. 
  • All checks that are deposited must be made payable to ITHACA COLLEGE. Checks made payable to any other payee are unacceptable (i.e. Parking Office, Ithacan, Music Dept., organizations, events).
  • Cash and checks should be deposited immediately upon receipt to ensure their safe handling.
  • Checks older than three weeks may not be honored.
  • All deposits should be personally handed to a teller or placed in the drop box at CFCU located on the third floor of the Campus Center. Please do not leave a deposit unattended at a teller window or on a counter if the tellers are busy with other customers.
  • Deposits should always be in a sealed envelope or lock bag.
  • Cash should be organized by denomination and all bills should be face up. BOTH CURRENCY AND COIN SHOULD BE PRE-WRAPPED (wrappers are available from CFCU). Cash must have a calculator tape, broken down by denomination, accompanying the deposit.
    Note: When wrapping money please verify that all bills are of the same denomination and correct in number.    (Examples: 25-$1 bills=$25, 20-$5 bills=$100, 25-$10 bills=$250, 25-$20 bills=$500)
  • A calculator tape listing each check and a grand total must accompany deposits. Do not group more than 100 checks together. Checks over 30 days old are not acceptable and will be returned to the student organization depositor.
  • Write the Ithaca College account number to which the checks are being deposited on EVERY CHECK.
  • Checks and cash should always be deposited within one business day, as it reflects poorly on the College to hold onto a person’s money more than a few days.
  • Cash collected for any reason by departments should never be used as petty cash. All income must be deposited as soon as it is received. To use money after being deposited you will need to complete the Spending Request Form.