Who can request an OSE Credit Card?

Only student organizations who have successfully completed the recognition process through the Office of Student Engagement for the current year may use an IC credit card for purchases. These are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

How do I request a Credit Card? (For Travel Credit Cards, click here)

Students may request a credit card via the Spending Request Form on IC Engage. A credit card request is not approved until the requested date provided on the request. Once a credit card request has been approved, the credit card will be available for pick up in OSE.

When do I have to return the Credit Card?

All borrowed credit cards should be returned to OSE within two (2) business days after borrowing and must include an itemized receipt for each purchase made with the credit card.

What's an itemized receipt?

An itemized receipt lists all of the items purchased. If a student fails to include an itemized receipt, they will lose credit card borrowing privileges for the remainder of the semester.

Important notes:

  • Credit cards may be requested/used up until the last day of classes each semester.

  • Any student found to be misusing Ithaca College credit cards may be held financially liable for unauthorized purchases.

  • Upon submission of this form, no action is necessary. Your request will be sent to the Student Organizations Business Coordinator, who will approve your request when an IC credit card is available.

  • Please keep in mind that approval of your credit card request does not guarantee funds in your account. If your organization overspends and incurs a negative account balance, your registration will be revoked.

  • Sport Clubs should submit their request to the Office of Recreational Sports