Helpful Links for Student Organizations

The Office of Student Engagement has provided you with a list of links to resources student organizations most frequently accessed for quick access.

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Account Request Form

  • This form allows for student organization to request an account with Ithaca College.

Bulletin Board Application

  • Looking to advertise an event? Use this form to request bulletin board space.

Educational Fundraiser Form

  • This form allows student organizations to apply for their IC fundraising funds to be approved as educational.

Request to Work for a Student Organization

  • Organizations wishing to hire a student for work be processed through the Office of Student Engagement by having the the student wishing to work submit this request form. 

Film Showing Approval Form

  • To show any film on campus student organizations must complete this form.

Spending Request Form 

  •  Replacing the Transaction Request Form, this form can be used to pay a contract or be used to request a reimbursement.

Student Organization Storage Request 

  • Need to store materials either temporary or permanent? Complete this form. 

Printing Requests