The Student Organization Business Coordinator and Purchasing Specialists in the Office of Student Engagement are available to assist club's with all of their purchasing needs. To request to use their organization funds to make purchases with a college credit card or to purchase from Wegmans, Amazon and/or Staples on their behalf, please submit the Spending Request Form.

Student organizations who give out cash prizes at events should note that all cash awards (prizes) to faculty, staff, and students must be awarded with the notation that the recipient bears all tax liabilities for the cash payment as if it were income.

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Ithaca College policy requires student to follow specific procedures when purchasing/gifting gift cards.

  • When a gift card is awarded as a prize, the receiver is required to sign a prize receipt
  • A gift card cannot be used or awarded for any establishments that sell alcohol
  • Any items containing alcohol cannot be purchased with student organization funds, whether the funds are IC Funds or Raised Funds.
  • Gift cards may not be used as payment in return for goods or services.
  • All gift cards must be approved by the Student Organizations Business Coordinator. Student Organizations that purchase unapproved gift cards may result in loss of privileges.

A prize receipt must be signed for any prize or gift, including non-gift card prizes.