Guide to the New Student Checklist

The following is the information your student needs in order to get started. Please note that items must be completed before the first-day of classes.

Do These First

 Sign the Residence / Off-Campus Policy Acknowledgment.

Available: April  25th

Please read the "Residence / Off-Campus Policy" (Section 7.5.1 of the Ithaca College Policy Manual) and sign the acknowledgment.

Send your official final transcript(s) to the Office of Admission.

Available: May 1
Due: After you graduate and no later than July 15th
Official final transcripts must be sent directly to Ithaca College Office of Admissions by the high school(s) and/or any college(s) you have attended or from which you have earned credit. 

Send your official AP or IB score report(s) to the Office of the Registrar.
Available: May 1
Have the College Board send your AP SCORE REPORT to the Office of the Registrar.  If you have your official AP and/or IB Score Report, please have the College Board and/or IBO mail it to the Office of the Registrar as soon as possible. 

Set up your Netpass credentials.
Available: May 3

Starting May 3rd, you will receive an email from registrar@ithaca.edu to your personal email provided on the Common Application containing your new Student ID number and Activation Pin. Please follow the steps contained in this email to set up your Netpass username and password. Your Netpass will allow you access to most of Ithaca College's technical platforms.

New Student Checklist by Category

This is a comprehensive list of all possible checklist items that a new student may or may not see on their personalized checklist. Students must log in to their IC Connect Portal to view their personalized checklist.

Review a helpful packing list (optional)
Available: Now
Learn what to bring to Ithaca—and what to leave at home!

Review the Student Handbook
Now | Due: Before move-in
As a new IC community member, it is critical for you to take some time to read through the Student Code of Conduct, Title IX, and Alcohol & Other Drugs Policy, and the Community Agreement related to COVID-19.

Apply to a Residential Learning Community (RLC)

Available: May 9th | Due: June 6th 5:00 PM

Explore the Residential Learning Communities and apply along with your housing preferences.

Sign your Housing Agreement

Available: May 9th | Due: June 13th 12:00 PM

Review expectations and policies related to living on campus. The Housing Agreement must be signed before you may submit Housing Preferences to set up housing. Be sure to sign by 12:00pm on June 13, 2022.

Submit your housing preferences.

Available: May 9th | Due: June 13th 12:00 PM

Learn about housing options at Ithaca College—including Residential Learning Communities—and familiarize yourself with housing policies. Housing preferences will be due no later than 12:00pm on June 13th.

Request a specific roommate(optional)

Available: May 9th | Due: June 13th 12:00 PM

Create a roommate group if you have a specific person you would like to live with on campus. Roommate groups will be due no later than 12:00pm on June 13th.

Learn more about the FIRST Look program for first-generation students. (optional)

Available: May 16th | Due: July 1st

First Look is an opportunity for first-generation students to form meaningful connections with one another and learn about IC campus resources. Learn what it means to be a first-generation student through connection with upper-year students and participate in activities to learn about the Ithaca area.

Apply for the Jumpstart program (optional)
Available: May 16th | Due: July 1st
Jumpstart, which takes place from August 14 - August 15, is a set of 14 programs that students can select from to explore the local community, learn about resources on campus, and meet new friends with similar interests. Selected participants will move in on August 14th. 

Register for first-year OR transfer orientation
May 11th | Due: July 15th

  • New student orientation is a 6-day on campus program from Wednesday, August 17th until Sunday, August 21st. Orientation is a critical first step for all new students in their transition to college. Orientation includes opportunities for students to confirm their course schedule, meet faculty & staff, learn about key support resources, connect with other students, and navigate life at IC before classes begin.
  • Transfer orientation is a 3-day on campus program from Friday, August 19th to Sunday, August 21st. Orientation is a critical first step for all new students in their transition to college. Transfer orientation is designed to offer an individualized experience designed to meet the needs of our diverse transfer population.

Upload your photo for your Ithaca College student ID
May 24th | Due: July 25th
Upload a photo so you can pick up your ID card on move-in day!

Register for IC Advantage courses (optional)
Available: April 25th | Due: June 16th
Take one, two, or even three one-credit courses designed to welcome you to IC’s intellectual community. Your first IC Advantage course is free!

Complete Math Placement Exam
Available: Now | Due: 24 hours before course registration

All incoming students at Ithaca College take a math assessment to establish their “math placement” and to prepare for course registration. Any student who experiences difficulty or has questions may reach out to the Department of Mathematics for support at mathchair@ithaca.edu.

Complete your language placement exam
June 21st | Due: 24 hours before course registration
Please take the Language Placement Exam(s) and review the resources below before starting your exam. Please note that you must take your placement exam(s) at least 24 hours prior to registering for courses.

Prepare for course registration
Available: July 11th | Due: 24 hours before course registration

Log into Canvas to complete your registration modules to prepare for fall course registration (Use your Netpass to log in.) We encourage you to complete your registration by August 11th, when the registration system will once again be open for continuing Ithaca College students, however, registration will remain open through the first week of classes.

Please note that you must take your placement exam(s) at least 24 hours prior to registering for courses. The Canvas modules will open at noon, EST, on July 11.

Register for your fall courses
Available for transfer students:
June 14th
You will work directly with a representative in the dean's office of the school that administers your major. See additional details on the Prepare for Course Registration webpage.
Available for first-year students: July 25th
Log in to HomerConnect and register for your fall courses.

Register for a fall first-year OR transfer seminar
Available for transfer students: June 14th
Every IC transfer student takes a 1-credit Ithaca Seminar during their first semester. Visit the ICSM webpage to learn more about ICSM 19000.
Available for first-year students: July 25th
Every IC student takes a 4-credit Ithaca Seminar during their first semester. Visit the ICSM webpage to learn more about this important step in your IC career and how to select your Ithaca Seminar.

Complete your Keyboard Musicianship placement audition
Now | Due: August 14th
All first-year music students except for piano and organ majors are required to take a Keyboard Musicianship course. You may complete a placement audition to be considered for a more advanced level.

Complete your Music Theory Fundamentals placement exam
Available: August 6th | Due: August 14th
All first-year music students are required to take the Fundamentals of Music Theory placement exam. You will receive an email with a link to take the placement exam. Your grade on the exam may exempt you from taking the Fundamentals of Music Theory course.

Register for Notes and Keys
Available: June 1st | Due: June 29th
This self-paced free course (one credit, asynchronous) allows music and musical theatre majors to advance their music literacy skills while learning basic vocal and keyboard performance techniques, preferably via access to a keyboard or keyboard app.

Schedule your ensemble audition

Available: July 28th | Due: August 22nd

All music majors are required to participate in a major ensemble every semester. Specific ensemble requirements vary by degree.

Submit required Health Certification forms
Available: Now | Due: June 15th
Complete health certification forms online and submit your official Immunization Record and Physical Exam.

Submit proof of COVID-19 vaccination
Available: Now | Due: July 29th
All students must be vaccinated against COVID-19 disease. This will enable in-person learning and community to occur in ways that resemble a pre-pandemic "normal", with a greatly reduced risk of infection for our campus community. Some students may be exempt from vaccination based on a medical need or a sincerely held religious beliefs. More information on the exemption process can be found on our vaccine information page.

Review the student health insurance plan, and accept or decline it
Available: July 1st | Due: August 10th
Review the 2022-2023 Student Health Insurance Plan benefits. If you wish to keep your current health insurance, be sure to submit the health insurance waiver and proof of coverage by August 10th, 2022. Students who do not submit a waiver form will be auto-enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan, and receive billing on their student account. 

Complete the AlcoholEdu online module
Available: July 26th | Due: August 15th
Be sure to complete the AlcoholEdu online course prior to August move-in.

Complete the SHARE online module
Available: July 26th | Due: August 15th
Learn about your personal responsibility to prevent and report sexual harassment and violence.

Complete the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion online course
Available: July 26th | Due: August 15th
Diversity, Equity, & inclusion, engages students with key themes such as identity, power, privilege, oppression, and unconscious bias and teaches strategies for self-care and creating equitable environments.

Finalize your financial aid package, and review your payment options
Available: Now | Due: August 1st
Complete required paperwork with the Office of Student Financial Services and learn about payment options.

Check your fall semester balance
Available: July 15th | Due: August 10th
Review your fall bill, explore payment options to pay your balance by August 10th, and contact Student Financial Services (sfs@ithaca.edu) if you have any questions about due dates. 

Request a need-based orientation fee waiver (optional)
Available: TBD | Due: August 17th
More information coming soon.

Review your meal plan (optional)
Available: July 1st | Due: August 10th
Meal plan assignments for residential students will be available to view in IC Workflow. The meal plan will be charged to your student account shortly after it is assigned.