Better Together Days

Better Together Days is a national program of the Interfaith Youth Core that brings colleges and universities together for a week of Interfaith collaboration and dialogue. Whether you identify as religious, non-religious, or somewhere else on the spectrum we hope there is something for you!
Past Events

*Information for future programming coming soon

Intersectionality, Activism and Beloved Community in 2020

 Intersectionality, Activism and Beloved Community in 2020

Yavilah McCoy led a dialogue with faculty regarding our growing need to advance justice across interracial, intercultural and interfaith differences on college campuses.  We explored tools for navigating multiple and emerging political and cultural differences and explored strategies for working together and apart toward common goals of greater equity and justice for all of our students. 

She also gave a keynote lecture on microaggressions and implicit bias, exploring how one can hold progressive beliefs and principles and still think, speak, and act in ways that perpetuate racial bias. Yavilah McCoy provided concrete tools and strategies for engaging in transformational behavior toward more equitable campus environments. 


Social Justice Story-Telling Panel: How My Beliefs and Values Shape My Actions

Social Justice Story-Telling Panel


Members from our IC community spent the evening telling stories about their relationship to faith traditions and activism, discussing how their various religious, spiritual, and secular worldviews had informed their value of social justice. 

Our conversation eventually led to a discussion about community and meaning-making, and how many students don't have a space to contemplate meaningful questions, engage in thoughtful discussion, and participate in a loving community. 

We ended our time together by brainstorming ways to provide this need for our student body, regardless of their religious, spiritual, or secular identity. The discussion was organized and facilitated by Temi Adeoye, Interfaith Program Assistant. 

Is There Room for Atheists at the Table?: Engaging Interfaith Work

Is There Room for Atheists at the Table?

Often times when engaging in interfaith work, students who identify as spiritual and not religious, atheist, or secular don’t see themselves in the conversation. In this discussion-based event, Interfaith Program Assistant, Ben Kibby, spoke with students about the need to provide spaces for Atheists to ask meaningful questions, enjoy a sense of community, and define what it means to be Atheist. It was a great way to kick off our initiative to include Atheists in interfaith dialogue, and brainstorm ways for our office to engage with this community.