The program will include script analysis; workshops with guest artists; audition and pre-screens preparation; one-on-one song coaching with piano accompaniment; and choices from among a suite of offerings that include:  dance classes in ballet, jazz and tap, in addition to peer-to-peer social programming as we, together with college campuses across the world, redefine the “residential” experience. 


  • Acting the Song class five days a week for 90 minutes per class. 
  • Ballet AND Jazz Monday through Thursday. During these dance  blocks,  weekly one-on-one vocal coachings will also cycle through. (How this is determined will be detailed in the daily schedule to come in late June.) 
  • Weekly vocal coachings to prepare one song for college prescreens and auditions. This will include a self-tape prescreen song or two cuts during the final week of the STIO.
  • Group Singing Voice two days a week. 
  • Culminating sharing of recorded pre-screen song (or two cuts), group song.