Q: Do I need to attend classes with my child?

A: The Institute is a living, breathing enactment of the Suzuki triangle, so yes!  We ask that all students in the student institute are accompanied by their designated adult, as the campus is large, classes can be spread out, and most importantly, we want you to be a part of the institute magic! If your child is participating in the Advanced or Preludio Programs, we do not require caregivers to attend classes, though you are welcome to!  Please note that Advanced and Preludio students who are not staying in the teen dorm must be staying with a designated adult, and outside adult supervision is not provided for these students.  

Q: When is the deadline to register?

A: Registration will close on May 1st, 2023 for both student and teacher institutes.

Q: What is a typical daily schedule?

A: For student institute, your 3 core classes are scheduled between 8 am and 2:30 pm with a break for lunch form 12-1:30. Students at the orchestra level will have orchestra from 2:45-3:45 pm, while the rest of the student institute has optional play-ins. Daily student recitals (attendance is optional) are from 4-5 pm. Free hours can be used for practicing, exploring the campus or town, or visiting the institute supply shop! Students in the Advanced and Preludio program have 5 core classes each day, scheduled between 8 am and 6 pm. Free hours are strongly encouraged to be used as practice time. We have optional special evening events at 7:15 pm many nights of the week that are free and completely inspirational!

For Teachers participating in training courses, your daily schedule fits in with the above hours (8 am to 2:30 pm) with 3 hours of daily lecture and 2 hours of daily observation. All Teacher Workshop Participants are welcome and encouraged to come to play ins, student recitals and evening special events! Virtual courses will also fit into the 8 am to 2:30 pm schedule, but will not have access to student recitals, play ins or special events. 

Q:  Is the first day of Institute a full day of classes?  What about the last day?

A:  On Sunday June 25 (and/or Sunday July 2), there will be a registration/check-in process from 1 pm to 4 pm followed by play-ins (4 pm and 5 pm depending on level) for most participants.  There will also be an opening Convocation at 7:15 p.m. for all participants.  On Friday (6/30 and/or 7/7), the final Grand Concert will be held at 4:00 p.m., followed by an evening Institute party at 7:30.  You can stay in campus housing through the morning of Saturday July1/July 8.

Q: What should I pack?

A: Aside from the expected necessities of traveling, we advise bringing the following:

  • a fan (if you've purchased on campus housing)  
  • hangers (also if you've purchased on campus housing)
  • a nice outfit for the Grand Concerts and solo recitals
  • comfy shoes!
  • clothing layers (as the buildings tend to be over air-conditioned, while the outside weather is hot!)
  • For garden apartments: cooking and eating utensils

Q: Can I change information from my registration?

A: If you need to change any contact information, or if you’re concerned about incorrect information on your registration, please reach out to suzuki@ithaca.edu. Please do not worry about updating current pieces past the date of registration, as we account for forward progress when we schedule students. 

Q:  What should I do to get ready for the Institute?

A:  We ask all students (any level) to prepare a polished piece for their masterclass lessons, as this will be the focus of the institute. Dr. Suzuki says:  “When the notes, rhythms, and bowings are learned, the lesson can begin!”  Total comfort with notes and bowings will pave the way for the next level of musical learning. 

Advanced program students will be expected to arrive with around 2 pieces or movements ready to work on with their teachers. Pieces should be memorized, or close to memorized so that students will be ready for the opportunity to perform for their peers. The Advanced Program repertoire class teachers may choose repertoire to be worked on prior to institute- this will be emailed to you as soon as the repertoire is chosen. (Music could be sent as late as the week before institute, so don’t worry if you havent received anything yet!)  

Preludio students will come to Institute with repertoire ready and also be given some additional materials to learn ahead of day 1.

Q:  Do you have a “review list” for the Institute?  What pieces should my child practice for the student Institute?

A:  We do not issue a review list for our Institute.  As Suzuki students, we hope you are reviewing your pieces on a regular basis and can come to Institute ready to play most any piece you have learned!  

Q:  My student is over the age of 13 but not enrolled in the Advanced or Preludio programs.  Can they stay in the teen dorm?

A:  Unfortunately, no.  At this time, the teen dorm is only open to Advanced and Preludio students.

Q:  Will I be in orchestra?

A: Violinists in book 5 and up, violists in book 3 and up, and cellists in book 4 and up will automatically be placed in one of our two orchestras. If your child is not yet at this level but are strong readers, please reach out to us to inquire about a posisble placement.

Q: Do students need to re-audition for the Advanced or Preludio programs if they participated in the program last year?

A: Yes, regardless of participation in the previous year, we ask that all students audition every year for these programs. The updated auditions help us determine class placement.

Q:  My plans changed and we will no longer be able to attend the Institute.  What is your refund policy?

A:  Ithaca College will refund your tuition and housing costs in full, minus a $50 processing fee, up through one week before the start of the institute.  Please contact suzuki@ithaca.edu if you need to start the refund process.

Q: How are performers chosen for the student solo recitals?

A:   Solo recitals are an opportunity for us to share in performances of the highest level of artistry, at all levels of the repertoire.  This is a chance for our Institute community to be inspired by players of all ages with balanced posture, beautiful tone, musicality and phrasing. Students (including Advanced Program) interested in performing on a recital should submit a recital audition application form between May 1-June 1. Recital submission polished pieces must have been previously performed from memory and with piano, have been recorded between May 1 and June 1, and approved by your home teacher.  Piano accompaniment is not necessary for this recording. Submission deadline is June 1, 2023. Everyone will be notified by June 15. Preludio students will be considered for recitals by their Institute teachers and do not need to submit separate videos. 


Student Institute:  We use “Student Institute” to refer to the general student experience other than the Advanced, Preludio, or Teacher Training portions of our Institute.  The majority of families will be part of the “Student Institute!”

Master Class: Your daily institute lesson, shared with one or two other students at the same level. Each student will get an individual lesson in front of their peers and will watch the other students take their lessons, too. Much can be learned from watching others learn and incredible magic happens when you can work with a teacher and your peers for five days in a row.

Repertory Class: Daily group class with one teacher, but Institute-style! For student Institute-goers, this means class with peers at the same level with focus on review repertoire in preparation of the Grand Concert. For Advanced and Preludio Programs, this means group pieces (provided by the Advanced and Preludio teachers in advance) with your respective program peers.

Play-In: Super fun group class led by new teachers each day! Come play games and meet new friends in these larger-ranged, optional classes.

Enrichment: Only applicable to Student Institute students, enrichment class is in a group setting focusing on something other than your personal musical study.  2022 enrichment classes include choir, fiddling, Dalcroze, viola for violinists, introduction to composing and arranging, and reading orchestra.

Polished Piece: A piece completely learned (notes, bowings, rhythms, musicality- preferably a piece already performed) that is performance-ready.

Concerto Night: Students are invited to perform a variety of the Suzuki literature concerti (Seitz, Vivaldi, etc) with a professional orchestra playing the accompaniment! Experience the magic of performing a concerto with orchestra!  (week 1 only)