Preludio Violin Program

The Preludio Violin Program, led by Emily and Patrick Connolly, is an intensive two-week program for the serious young violinist studying beyond the Suzuki repertoire. A rigorous pre-college structure sets this program apart from our advanced institutes, including multiple performance opportunities and unique classes catered to the 12 accepted students. Students will additionally receive 5 hour- long private lessons, piano coaching, technique class, repertoire class, and performance class.

Preludio Program Daily Schedule:

8am- Repertoire Class with Patrick Connolly 


-Individual Private Lesson- 1 hour (every other day)

-Individual Piano Coaching- 30 minutes (every other day, on alternate day of private lesson)

-Individual practice time for remainder of time block 

12pm- Lunch

1:30pm- Technique Class with Emily Connolly 

2:30pm-3:45pm- Master Class with Emily and Patrick Connolly

4pm- Solo Recitals with the entire Institute 

7 pm- Institute wide special events and guest artist recitals (most nights)

Over the course of the 2 weeks, performance opportunities will include:

-Encore Piece Concert— Each piece is assigned before Institute by Emily and Patrick Connolly.  Students are expected to prepare this piece with their home teacher before Preludio begins. Encore pieces are short show pieces assigned individually to showcase each student's personal strengths.

-Etude Concert— Each etude is assigned before Institute by Emily and Patrick and are expected to be brought to the program prepared.  These Etudes are selected from Paganini, Rode, or Kreutzer.

-2 Repertoire Concerts— this concert is a group concert including all Preludio members, pieces for violin ensemble.  

-4pm Solo Recitals— Students are expected to bring a polished piece to work on and perform during the program.  Students may choose to perform on a 4pm solo recital if desired (it is highly encouraged!) 


Repertoire Class— this class includes all members of Preludio, focusing on pieces for violin ensemble.  

Individual Private Lesson— Students will be assigned to either Emily or Patrick Connolly for both weeks in Preludio.  Students will receive a total of 5 private lessons over the course of the 2 weeks.

Piano Coaching-  Coachings are a collaboration with pianist Maria Yeh.  Students receive 30 minutes of coaching time, on opposite days of your private lesson.  Students receive a total of 5 piano coachings over the course of the 2 weeks.  

Technique Class- this class consists of etudes, scales, body work, bow technique, practicing habits, and more.  

Master Class- this is an opportunity for students to perform a piece in front of Preludio colleagues, and receive feedback from Emily and Patrick Connolly.  This is a great casual performance opportunity, as well as time to workshop pieces.  

Audition requirements include one memorized movement of a major concerto (piano accompaniment encouraged) and one contrasting piece.

Application fee of $30 can be sent to via PayPal. Once the application fee is submitted and the audition is sent, please fill out this form

Auditions should be submitted directly to Patrick and Emily at:

Once accepted into the program, please register through the Ithaca Suzuki Institute at: 

Audition Timeline:

January 3, 2024: Preludio auditions are open

February 15, 2024: Preludio audition deadline

February 24-25, 2024: Preludio Interviews held via zoom (you will be notified)

February 26, 2024: notification of acceptance