Revisiting Violin Unit 1

Instructor: Teri Einfeldt

July 4-7, 2021

Revisiting Violin Unit 1, taught by Teri Einfeldt, is designed for the teacher who has already taken unit 1 and has had at least one year of teaching experience. Approaching book 1 with new ideas and a fresh perspective, this course covers the foundational Twinkles through Gossec Gavotte. Total class time (15 hours) includes 12 hours of lecture and discussion, and 3 hours of observation over the course of 4 days.

Teaching Strategies

Instructor: Teri Einfeldt

July 8-9, 2021

Teaching Strategies’ participants receive helpful suggestions on their teaching from a teacher trainer, and at the same time, learn from peers in the class. This course includes hands-on practicum-like activities and guided practice-teaching in a “pedagogy master-class” setting. Applying practical strategies into lessons and learning ways to be more effective are two primary goals of the course, all of which should result in increased student motivation and parent involvement. This 10- hour course, led by Teri Einfeldt, will take place over the course of 2 days, and will be required by the SAA of new trainees moving forward. Participants will provide video footage of their own teaching.

Group Class Techniques (I and II)

Instructor: Carey Beth Hockett

Session I: June 28- July 2, 2021

Session II: July 4-9, 2021

This fun course, taught by Carey Beth Hockett, covers ideas for keeping your students and parents actively engaged and having fun in group classes while learning and developing important skills. Group Class Techniques spans Monday to Friday, with 10 hours of lecture and 5 hours of observation.

Session 1 of Group Class Techniques includes participants trying ideas with each other as well as observation of group lessons. ECC and unit 1 are required prerequisites for this week.

Session 2 of Group Class Techniques includes a combination of Group Class Techniques discussion and practicum. Participants must have registered training through unit 5. Auditors with ECC and unit 1 are welcome.