Teen Dorm Information

If your child is 13 and older, fully vaccinated, and they’re participating in the Advanced or Preludio Programs, they’re eligible to stay in the teen dorm. The teen dorm is a long standing tradition of the Ithaca Institute that leads to lifelong friendships, combining a rich social experience with their musical studies. 

Safety- Students staying in the dorm are supervised around the clock by counselors (Kurt Villiard and Comfort Smith). The dorm entraces are locked 24/7 to allow entry to only the students. Blue light phones (located around the entire campus) connect directly to campus safety and are connected to the 911 dispatch. 

Covid Regulations- All students will be administered an antigen test upon arrival to the teen dorm. A negative result will allow the students to move into their rooms. Masks are required indoors for all classes. Masks are not required in the teen dorm or while eating in the dining hall. Students will be monitoring any symptoms throughout the institute, be subject to testing as needed, and any student who tests positive for Covid-19 will be quarantined and will need to be picked up within 24 hours.

Meals- Students are required to purchase a meal plan if they are staying in the teen dorm, barring any medical necessity for an alternate plan. Meals are supervised by counselors.

General Description- The teen dorm is a standard residence hall with shared bathrooms and a communal lounge. A communal laundry room and kitchenette are accessible to campers. 

What should I bring?- Sheets, a blanket, a pillow, and towels are provided to each student. We recommend bringing a fan, as the dorm is not air conditioned. A recommended packing list will be provided to accepted students.

Planned Activities- Students will be able to experience a glimpse of Ithaca through planned weekend activities. Fully supervised trips to Wegmans, the Ithaca farmer’s market, hiking, and local performances balance out the rigors of the camper’s musical studies. Cost of these extra activities is included in the cost of the teen dorm. 

Roommates- Students will be sharing a room with one other camper. Roommate requests can be sent to ithacainstitute@gmail.com