Structure and Governance

ACTEC reports to the provost and vice president for academic affairs while issuing minutes and agenda to the Faculty Council. ACTEC is comprised of one faculty member from each teacher education program selected by the dean and/or chair and identified as the "program coordinator," one additional faculty member from the Department of Music Education, the chairs of the departments of Health Promotion and Physical Education and Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, the dean from each school offering a teacher education program, and the Associate Provost of Academic Affairs, who serves as chair. Administrative support is provided by the School of Humanities and Sciences; the Field Experience Coordinator and Accreditation Coordinator serve as ex officio members of the committee.

Committee duties include:

  • Conduct review of all new programs and substantial changes in curricular content related to policies established by ACTEC.
  • Monitor the unit assessment system for effectiveness and fairness; make recommendations for the purposes of program improvement.
  • Investigate and provide recommendations concerning ongoing developments in the field of education.

Current ACTEC Committee Membership

Member Title and Department ACTEC Role
Claire Gleitman Dean, School of Humanities and Sciences Unit Head
Anne Hogan Dean, School of Music Unit Head
Christina Moylan Interim Dean, School of Health Sciences and Human Performance Unit Head
Stacia Zabusky Associate Provost of Academic Programs Chair
Radio Cremata Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Music Education Program Coordinator
Sara Levy Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Education Program Coordinator (undergraduate)
Peter Martin Associate Professor and Chair of Graduate Programs, Department of Education Program Coordinator (graduate)
MaryJoy Gregory Clinical Instructor, Department of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Program Coordinator
Raj Subramaniam Professor, Department of Health Promotion and Physical Education Program Coordinator
Sean Linfors Associate Professor, Department of Music Education Program Coordinator

The work of ACTEC is also supported by All College Teacher Education staff:

  • Glen Robertson, Teacher Education Certification Specialist 
  • Mai An Rumney, Academic Affairs Assessment & Accreditation Manager
  • Kim Slusser, Coordinator of Education Partnerships and Field Experiences