Continuing Teacher and Leader Education

Process for the Ithaca College All-College Teacher Education Unit

Ithaca College is an Institute of Higher Education authorized to offer CTLE credit to teachers who attend Ithaca College-sponsored professional development activities that meet the requirements for CTLE credit under Subpart 80-6 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education.

Proposals for all Ithaca College-sponsored CTLE professional development activities are submitted for approval to the All-College Teacher Education Committee (ACTEC) for review. Faculty and Staff members interested in offering professional development activities for CTLE credit should be sponsored by an ACTEC Program Coordinator and must submit the following materials to be considered for CTLE credit.

  • Within one week of receiving the materials above:
    • The proposer will be notified of whether the activity is approved for CTLE credit. ACTEC Staff will then share a survey with the proposer via Qualtrics to collect NYSED-required information to be used during registration of the event. You may personalize the survey to include additional registration information (e.g., dietary restrictions, interest areas, etc.).
    • The NYSED-required information for the survey is as follows:
      • the name of the participant as it appears on the TEACH website;
      • the last four digits of the participant’s Social Security Number;
      • the participant’s date of birth;
      • participant email address
    • All attendees registered for the event must complete this survey and submit the required information in order to receive CTLE credit
  • No later than one week following the event the proposer must email the following to the ACTEC Staff team at
    • Copies of all promotional materials used for the activity.
    • The names of all of the participants who actually attended the event and corresponding NYSED-required information for the CTLE certificate.
    • The results of the assessments of the learning outcomes and instructor(s) performance.
    • Upon receipt of this information the ACTEC Staff team will email participants their CTLE certificate of completion.
    • Per NYSED regulations this information will be kept for recordkeeping by ACTEC for 8 years.

*Full address for application form: