Kaley Belval ’15 (Documentary Studies & Prod.)

Conduct research on the national feminist movements of the 1970s and the founding mothers of The Advocacy Center in order to create a short video for the community. The research will focus on the context of the national feminist movements and how action in Ithaca was connected to the second wave of feminism.


Chelsea Townley ’12 (Sociology)
Conduct research on the links between pornography and college women’s sexual self-esteem in a project entitled “Jenna Jameson - Role Model: Pornography Exposure and Women’s Sexual Self-Esteem,” and to present the results of the research at the Eastern Sociological Society’s spring 2012 conference.


Heike Domine '11 (Spanish and English)
Conduct research on two women's movements that protest against dictatorships, one in Chile (the arpilleras movement) and one in Argentina (Abuelas de la Plaza de Mayo)

Abigail Dubovi '11 (Psychology)
Conduct research for a senior honors thesis on the experiences, identity development, and well-being of Asian American adoptees, with an emphasis on comparing the experiences of male and female adoptees


Kiera Duckworth ’10 (Sociology)
Conduct summer research project focusing on non-heterosexually oriented athletes on varsity
athletic teams in a project titled “Qualitative Analysis of Non-Heterosexual Athletes' Perceptions
and Attitudes of College Sport”

Courtney Walton ’10 (English and Art History)
Conduct research and co-author a book chapter with Rachel Wagner, assistant professor of
philosophy/religion, on a book chapter on a project titled, “Anti-Feminism In Stephenie Meyer's
Twilight Series”


Melendy Krantz ’09 (Anthropology and Politics)
Conduct summer research project focusing on Ithaca's birth and women's health communities
during, as the basis for a senior honors thesis in Anthropology


Emily Clark '08 (Psychology)
Conduct research on the relationship between exposure to workplace incivility toward women
and employee well-being, for senior honors thesis in Psychology

Rachel Vanderpool '07 (Sociology)
Conduct research project in the Dominican Republic on women's attitudes towards hair and
beauty, and contribute a paper on the topic to the book of student writings that are part of the
course "Culture and Society: An International Field Experience" taught by Prof. Alicia Swords


Rachael A. Holland '06 (Psychology) and RaEsa Benjamin-Wardle '07 (Psychology and
Present poster and paper at Eastern Colleges Science Conference in spring 2006 based on
research titled “Abortion through Social Security: Reliability of Students’ Beliefs during the
2004 Election”

Betsabé Luna '07 (Sociology)
Participate in an internship in a women's organization in Lima, Peru, through the non-profit organization Cross Cultural Solutions


Erin Summers '05 (Psychology)
Implement and facilitate a "Girl Power" meeting group for fifth grade girls at Caroline Elementary School in Ithaca


Autumn Dae Miller '05 (Planned Studies - "Sexology")
Conduct research project on teaching the topic of human sexuality to undergraduates, in
collaboration with Prof. Rebecca Plante (Sociology), and attend a conference to present the work
produced through this collaboration


BIGAYLA student group
IC student group participates in the "Creating Change" conference, sponsored by the National
Gay and Lesbian Task Force in November 2003
Kristin Murphy '03 (Psychology)
Present a paper based on research conducted with Prof. Cyndy Schiebe at the National Media Education Conference in summer 2003


Bridget Reynolds '02 (Psychology and Sociology)
Conduct research project on female college students' experience of sexual insults and gossip during their high school years, for honors thesis in Psychology


Mark Vareschi '03 (English and Planned Studies - "Humane Studies")
Participate in the Kirkridge Peacemaker Training Institute in Bangor, PA to learn active nonviolence techniques and strengthen leadership skills while exploring issues such as sexism, economic inequality, racism, and globalization


Lisa McCaig '00 (Psychology), Debbie Noker '00 (Psychology), and Lauren Parker '00 (Psychology)
Attend Feminist Expo 2000, a conference for women's empowerment, in Baltimore, Maryland