Fall 2020 Seminars

Every Fall, the department hosts a set of diverse speakers presenting their research, career paths, and experiences in chemistry and biochemistry. All seminars in Fall 2020 will be hosted virtually.

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New Chemistry With Boron And Aluminum In Pincers
by Dr. Oleg V. Ozerov  Department of Chemistry, Texas A&M University

Tuesday, October 20th at 12:10pm to 1:00pm on Zoom

Pincer complexes of late transition metals have been widely used in studies of stoichiometric and catalytic activation of carbon-hydrogen and carbon-heteroatom bonds.  Our group recently demonstrated the impressive potential of Ir pincer complexes in C-H bond borylation of terminal alkynes and arenes.  Studies of transformations that involve metal-boryl intermediates where the boryl group originates from a reagent have led us to consider alternative approaches to bond activation that incorporate boryl (and aluminyl) donors into supporting pincer ligands.  We have discovered that activation C-H and other bonds of heteroatom-containing substrates is possible with unique selectivities relying on the coordination of the heteroatom to the metal-bound boryl donor.  Current efforts are focused on the discovery of new reaction pathways and potential catalytic applications.

The speaker will be available for informal meeting with students on Tuesday, October 20th 4-4:30 pm

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All meetings will be held on Zoom at 12:10 PM on Tuesdays (unless otherwise noted). 

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Summer Research Students

October 13

Paul Walton
York University, UK

October 20

Oleg Ozerov
Texas A&M University

October 27

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UNC Charlotte

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