Fall 2023 Seminars

Every Fall the department hosts a set of diverse speakers presenting their research, career paths, and experiences in chemistry and biochemistry.

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Fall 2023 Events 
November 14 - Seminar is Cancelled Today
Guest Speakers Dave Breeden & Perry Hicks of Sheldrake Point Winery

Come learn about the chemistry of winemaking!

CNS  Room 115 in person 12pm
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CNS  Room 115
Fall Semester Events

September  5, 12  12:10pm
Chemistry & Biochemistry Student Research Presentations
Sept. 5

Lily Goulding '24 (Chemistry)
 UV-Vis Spectra Predictions of Aromatic Diazirines for Photoaffinity Labeling (PAL)
Miles Wheaton '25 (Chemistry)
 Ruthenium Complexes as Aerobic Oxidation Catalysts
Sept. 12
Rishabh Sen '26 (Chemistry)
 Synthesis of JKR-1 Analogs and TofI Purification for Crystallography
Lilly Johnson '25 (Chemistry)
Characterization of 2D Hybrid Thin Films Deposited by Resonant Infared Matrix Assisted Pulse Laser Evaporation (RIRMAPLE)
Sept. 19
Philip Lukeman
St. John's University
Sept. 26
Rory Waterman
University of Vermont

Oct. 3
Megan Ricciardi '20
UNC School of Pharmacy

Oct. 10,
Connor Shea '16
University of Hawaii

Oct. 19, 20
Stanley Whittingham 2019 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 
Please see details of visit: 
Oct. 31
Andrew Musser 
Cornell University

Nov. 14
Dave Breedan & Perry Hicks
Sheldrake Point Winery