Spring 2022 Seminars

Every Spring the department hosts a set of diverse speakers presenting their research, career paths, and experiences in chemistry and biochemistry.

Highlighted Talks

Chemistry & Biochemistry Senior Research Presentations
CNS 333  in person

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Monday, May 2nd  12:10 pm
Nya Evans
Covalent Inhibitors of Glutaminase

Tuesday, May 3rd  4:10 pm
Liv Grogan (Honors Research)
Synthesis and Characterization of Transition-Metal-Doped Ti1-x-yMoxM’yO2

Wednesday, May 4th 12:10 pm
Bella Pillay
Effects of Ionic Strength on Expected pKa of an Oxalate/Bioxalate Equilibrium System within Aerosol Particles

Josh Bodin
Polymers of Intrinsic Microporosity that Exhibit Photoswitchable Morphologies via Azo Linkages

Friday, May 6th 12:10 pm 
Matt Sullivan
Green Energy Future: Progress towards Electrolysis of water via Cu2O and ZnO heterojunction films

Patrycja Danowska
Improving the Uses of Technology in STEM Labs


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All meetings will be held in person at 12:10 PM (unless otherwise noted). 

Senior Research Presenters
May 2
Nya Evans

May 3  4:10pm
Olivia Grogan

May 4 
Bella Pillay
Josh Bodin

May 6
Patrycja Danowska
Matt Sullivan