Cassidy Raab '20 is the recipient of the Larry Metzger, M.S. '87, Memorial Scholarship. This award is given to junior or senior majoring in biology, biochemistry, or chemistry. The recipient must also have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.2 and intend to pursue an advanced degree in science other than a medical degree. Established by Ithaca College in conjunction with donations from Larry's family, colleagues, and friends to honor and remember his many contributions and great dedication to the College community for over 30 years.

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About Cassidy:

Cassidy Raab is a chemistry major and she has done research in many labs in the chemistry department. Freshman year she worked with professors Scott Ulrich and Mike Haaf, where she learned about new chemistry instruments from hands on experience. During sophomore year, she did more research with Mike Haaf on the effects of styrofoam off-gassing and how this can impact art objects. Also at this time, she discovered her love for art and began working in Janet Hunting's inorganic, solid state chemistry lab to synthesize thermodynamically reflective pigments. She plans on teaching high school chemistry to help students become passionate about science earlier on.


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