Enzo Martellucci '23 is the recipient of the Dr. Glenn C. Vogel and Dr. Majorie R. Chelly Endowed Scholarship Award

The Dr. Glenn C. Vogel and Dr. Majorie R. Chelly Endowed Scholarship Award is given to a student that embodies Dr. Chelly’s tremendous work ethic, and has achieved excellence through extraordinary effort. 

About Enzo: 

In the fall of 2019, I began my career at Ithaca College as a chemistry major, a United States Air Force ROTCcadet, and a proud member of the Ithaca College NCAA football team. As I spent more time in the classroom, I found myself drawn to the fascinating world of chemistry research. This led me to join Dr. Mike Haaf's lab and delve into the intriguing realm of

1-hydrosilatrane as a catalyst for ring-opening polymerization of cyclic esters (lactones). My experiences in Dr. Haaf's lab ignited a passion within me to pursue further education beyond my undergraduate studies. This aspiration guided me to the University of North Carolina Charlotte, where I had the privilege of working under the mentorship of Dr. Juan Vivero-Escoto, further immersing myself in the captivating field of gold-coated nanoparticles. Currently, I am a dedicated Phd graduate student at Lehigh University determined to earn my PhD and ultimately embark on a fulfilling career in the industry.




Other Academic Achievements


H&S Summer Scholar

POC Academic Achievement and Community Involvement Awards 

SKMC STEP-UP Scholar at Thomas Jefferson University

Larry Metzger Scholar

Glenn Vogel and Marjorie Chelly Chemistry Education Fund Award



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