Professor Stanley Whittingham, FRS

Professor Stanley Whittingham was awarded the 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his work pioneering lithium ion batteries, which transformed wireless portable electronics such as smartphones and laptops from science fiction to a reality, and laid the groundwork for fossil-fuel free society as seen in electric cars and batteries for solar & wind energy storage.

Thanks to the Jean Dreyfus Lectureship for Undergraduate Institutions Program, Professor Whittingham will deliver two lectures at Ithaca College. Details for streaming the lectures, as well as directions for public transit and parking are below.

Travel and Parking Information

Public Transportation:  

Take TCAT Bus #11 route.  Get off the bus at Roy Park School (D or H) stop.  From there follow the signs to Textor Hall.

Driving Directions:

There are two entrances to Ithaca College campus - from 96B and from Coddington Rd.  Upon entering signs on the information board and in the lawn will guide visitors to the parking lot (O Lot), which is open to the visitors for the lectures.  From the parking lot, more signs will guide the visitors to Textor Hall, where the lectures will be delivered.

To assist, here is a link to an interactive map of the Ithaca College Campus.

If you would like to print a map, click this link for a printer-friendly option.

Dates and Locations of the Two Lectures:

Technical Talk - "50 Years Old: What are the Ultimate Limits of Lithium Batteries and How Do We Get There?"

       Thursday, October 19, 2023

      Here is a link to a video recording of Professor Whittingham's Technical Talk.


General Audience Talk - "Renewable Energy, Energy Storage and Global Climate Change."

       Saturday, October 21, 2023

       Here is a link to a video recording of Professor Whittingham's General AudienceTalk.