Benjamin C. Morse is the recipient of the Drago Chemistry Award.  This award is given to a rising senior based on academic achievement, laboratory skills, promise in the field of Chemistry and recommendations by the faculty of the Department of Chemistry.

About Benjamin:

I grew up on a small farm in a rural part of Carroll County. As a child I enjoyed exploring the woods around our house and constructing dams in the stream. I also liked to play with the animals. One of my earliest memories involves being chased by a big Rhode Island Red rooster. I started playing sports when I was young, and I competed in soccer, track and basketball through high school. When I came to Ithaca I chose to study chemistry because it holds a central position in the sciences. I enjoy multidisciplinary fields the most and as a chemist I have had the opportunity to learn about biology and physics as well.

Other Academic Achievements:

Sigma Xi

Phi Kappa Phi

Oracle Honor Society

Newton Award

Ramanujan Award

Deans List

Dana Scholarship

NSF REU grant

Chemistry Book Award

Morris Family Foundation Scholarship

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