Andrew McCabe is the recipient of the Drago Chemistry Award.  This award is given to a rising senior based on academic achievement, laboratory skills, promise in the field of Chemistry and recommendations by the faculty of the Department of Chemistry.

About Andrew:

As soon as I was old enough to be in school I knew that I loved science. While my childhood dreams of being a paleontologist have faded with time, my love of the subject hasn't. I knew by the time I was in high school that I wanted to teach, and have since reinforced that by taking up a position TAing Principles of Chemistry for Janet Hunting. I have worked in multiple labs at IC, initially Akiko Fillinger's lab studying the generation of hydrogen peroxide from a copper oxide film, and more recently in Mike Haaf's lab studying the potential of 1-hydrosilatrane as a reducing agent for enantioselective epoxide opening reactions. I spent a summer working with Professor Nick Race at the University of Minnesota studying the catalytic potential of N-Heterocyclic Carbenes. Upon graduation from IC I intend to continue in academia by entering graduate school. 


Other Academic Achievements:

Dean's List

ACS Analytical Chemistry Undergraduate Award

Oracle Honor Society

Sigma Xi Honor Society

Scholar Athlete 

Liberty League All Academic Team

Shirley Hockett Scholarship


Ithaca College Summer Scholars Grant


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