Purchased in 2005. Featuring:     

  • 400 MHz Magnet
  • 24 position auto sample changer
  • Autotune broadband pulsed field gradient probe
  • Variable temperature ranging from -100 C to +150 C. 
  • Gradient shimming capability using shim set Z1 gradient or PFG gradient.

It can measure the following nuclei: 1H, 11B, 13C, 19F, 31P and has been used daily for student labs and faculty research projects.

Based on the theory that a certain atomic nuclei will have a small population difference between different spin states in a magnetic field and the intramolecular magnetic field around an atom in a molecule often change its resonance frequency, a nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer is usually used to determine the molecular structures, study reaction dynamics, and magnetism related physical and chemical properties of the molecules.