Achieving Honors in Chemistry

Completing your Honors thesis is a mark of accomplishment in research. Through this process, you will rise to a new level of developing and presenting your research.

Requirements for Honors in Chemistry

Students may apply to earn Honors in Chemistry by submitting an application to the Chair of Chemistry Department starting in spring semester of their 3rd year and no later than three days before the add/drop deadline in the fall semester of their final year. Students intending to graduate in December can apply for their honors designation in January and defend in December.

Before applying for Honors, you must

  • have completed at least 3 credits or one summer of prior research experience with their proposed research advisor.
  • maintain a minimum GPA of 3.3 in all chemistry classes.

An application for honors requires a one-page description of the student’s proposed research project designed upon discussion and agreement with their selected research advisor. Additionally, the student must select an honors committee of no fewer than three faculty members, including the advisor, and possibly including one faculty member from outside of the chemistry department.

The student must meet with the committee once in each semester. In the fall semester of senior year, the student must present the proposed research and progress to date by the end of September. At the end of the spring semester of the senior year, the student must submit their written thesis to the committee at least one week in advance of their defense. The committee will attend the student’s thesis presentation open to all faculty and students followed by a closed-door defense with the honors faculty committee. The Chemistry Honors designation will be awarded at graduation time.

Want to learn more?

Your advisor and research mentor are your best places to start the next step. Ask them how Honors fits your goals and look over the checklist of requirements.