Research in your degree requirements

Both Chemistry and Biochemistry majors complete research within their degree. This higher credit experience includes time invested in writing and presenting your work.

Capstone Research in Chemistry (CHEM 48600 & 48800)

All chemistry majors will complete their Ithaca College experience with a valuable mentored research project. Students will culminate their hands-on research with a written thesis and departmental presentation.

The expectations and time commitment for research is higher for the B.S. degree compared to the B.A.. Students are, of course, welcome to participate in research earlier than the senior year requirement.  

  • For a B.S. degree, students complete a full year of their final research project starting with CHEM 48600 in the Fall and finishing with CHEM 48800 in the Spring. 
  • For a B.A. degree, students are only required to complete CHEM 48800 in the Spring.

300-level Research in Biochemistry

All Biochemistry majors must complete one semester of an intensive research experience through 3 credits of BIOC 39000 or Experimental Biochemistry (BIOC 41000). Both research experiences culminate in a presentation and a research paper. For more on the biochemistry requirements, see the Biochemistry Program webpage.