Opportunities at IC

Students in Chemistry and Biochemistry frequently spend their summers doing research at IC as well as around the country. Applications for summer research funds are due in February of each year (specific date TBA).  Interested students will need to apply by submitting their college transcript  and a written statement (1000 words or less) outlining their proposed summer research project, their ultimate career aspirations, and how this summer experience will help them fulfill those aspirations.  Applicants MUST get permission from their research advisor before applying.  All application materials should be submitted to the chemistry department chair.

The Chemistry Department offers a special American Chemical Society Summer Research Fellowship award to an outstanding undergraduate who is ultimately planning to pursue a graduate degree in the field of chemistry or biochemistry.  The award will include a summer stipend of $4,000 over a ten week period for laboratory research.

Opportunities Elsewhere

Students often use the summers to explore exciting research while getting a taste of graduate schools! Look here to search widely for REU opportunities nationally or follow our blog for a list of opportunities faculty have heard of more recently.  Discuss your options with your research or major advisor early and get advice on where and when to apply.