Research Mixer

Interested in starting research? 

Whether you are new to IC or have been in the major for a few years, it is always a great time to explore research. At the end of the Fall semester, the Chemistry Department faculty will hold a Research Mixer to give you a chance to explore the breadth of research in the department. This is a fantastic opportunity to casually chat with multiple faculty and research students about their current research in the department. All Chemistry & Biochemistry majors are invited to join. Attendance at the mixer will be required for juniors selecting their official Capstone research project.

This year's mixer will be held: 
In November, date and time TBD
CNS 3rd floor Atrium

Refreshments will be provided

Capstone Research (CHEM 48600 & 48800)

All chemistry majors will complete their Ithaca College experience with a valuable mentored research project. Students will culminate their hands-on research with a written thesis and departmental presentation.

To select their Capstone research project, all students will be required to discuss potential research with at least three faculty members during or after the Research Mixer and collect their signatures on the Capstone Selection Form. Students will submit their completed form including project choices by the last week of January.