Work one-on-one with a faculty on an independent study.

Independent studies provide students the opportunity to extend their mathematical knowledge working individually with a sponsoring faculty member.  The student and sponsoring faculty member work together to design the independent study following the guidelines set by the School of Humanities and Sciences  and guidelines of the Department of Mathematics, listed below.   Completed proposals are submitted to the Math Curriculum Committee, via the department chair, for review.  
In the design of the independent study, attention should be paid to the following elements.

  • An explanation of how the student’s mathematical knowledge is increased by the study and how the student’s mathematical background has prepared him or her for the study.  This explanation should also justify the level and number of credits for the study.
  • A description of the activities that occur in the student-faculty meetings.
  • In the exceptional case that the independent study is to count for the major, the proposal should justify why the study should fulfill a major requirement.  
  • Finally, as part of their independent study students are encouraged to submit to the Curriculum Committee  a copy of their final written work for posting here.  On the sidebar, we provide links to past independent studies and some final papers.