Here is what IC Math has to offer

Our academic programs give students flexibility and allow students to make choices that support a wide range of interests and career goals. Students can choose from our broad course offerings and have a variety of opportunities to work with faculty outside of the classroom, through research, conferences, and study abroad. The math department also works closely with the Education department to help students pursue a career in teaching.

Why Study Math?

Mathematics opens the door to a world of opportunity! Studying mathematics sharpens your analytical skills, helps you become a better problem-solver, and gives you tools to use in many disciplines that rely on quantitative and statistical reasoning, including actuarial science, computer science, operations research, engineering, biomathematics, cryptography, and finance. According to recent surveys, jobs that rely on mathematics are among the most satisfying. In addition, mathematical jobs are among the most lucrative!

While some math majors go on to become teachers or to study mathematics in graduate school, many of our majors work in other careers. Studying mathematics prepares you for a host of other careers. You can read more about what Ithaca College students and alumni are doing with their math majors in our department newsletter.