What semester will math courses be offered?

The following tables shows when particular mathematics courses are typically offered. Detailed information about specific times and rooms can be found in the HomerConnect schedule and course descriptions can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog. Additional information about individual courses may be obtained from the instructor of a particular course.
Courses offered every semester

10100 Math Boost
10400 Finite Math with Calculus
10500 Math for Decision Making
10800 Applied Calculus
11100 Calculus I
14400 Stats for Business, Economics, and Management
14500 Stats for Health, Life, and Social Sciences
15500 Basic Statistical Reasoning
24600 Intermediate Statistics

Courses offered in the fall only

15900 Introduction to R Computing Software
18700 Applied Linear Algebra
21100 Calculus III
21600 Mathematical Statistics
30300 Abstract Algebra
34800 Data Science with R

Courses offered in the spring only

18500 Math Experimentation
19100 World of Mathematics 11200 Calculus II
21400 Differential Equations
22100 Spatial Data Analysis with ArcGIS
22000 Math for Childhood Education
23100 Linear Algebra
24000 Basic Statistics with R

Course offered in alternate years
31100 Complex Analysis (offered Spring 2023, 2025, etc.)
32100 Graph Theory and Combinatorics (offered Fall 2022, 2024, etc.)
33100 Numerical Analysis (offered Spring 2022, 2024, etc.)
36200 Modern Geometry (offered Fall 2023, 2025, etc.)