The Ithaca College Chorus is the largest choral ensemble on campus bringing together 160+ singers of various majors each semester. Membership in this ensemble is obtained via an audition. Please contact Dr. Sean Linfors if you are interested in joining this wonderful groups of musicians. Listen to Chorus!


  • To perform quality music at a high caliber
  • To help ensemble members understand that the process is as important as the product
  • To perform choral music in a way that teaches and allows members to use their voices in a healthy and expressive manner
  • To encourage and nurture personal musicianship
  • To develop and refine musical literacy skills and expose singers to diverse choral literature
  • To teach the cultural and historical context of music
  • To provide ties to relevant subjects outside music when appropriate
  • To provide a model for future educators
  • To be a vehicle for aspiring solo singers to explore singing opportunities in the choral realm