The School of Music and Department of Performance Studies now offers staff collaborative pianist resources for students majoring in Voice: BA, BM, MM, BFA Musical Theater, beginning AY 2017-2018.

Instructions for Vocalist Rehearsals with Staff Collaborative Pianists

Voice students are encouraged to sign-up for one 15-minute rehearsal time each week with the designated staff collaborative pianists. The weekly sign-up for rehearsal times will be opened Friday at 4:00 p.m. the week prior to all voice students, voice teachers, and staff pianists. The sign-up process will be run through SignUpGenius and will be on a first come, first serve basis.

The sign-up can be accessed here. You will want to check this every Friday at 4:00 p.m. if you wish to add your name to the sign-up.

Please note that there are total of 28 hours available each week for students to sign up, therefore, voice majors are expected to adhere to the following guidelines.

  1. Students should check schedules carefully before signing up. If a conflict or illness occurs that prevents a student from attending the rehearsal, they should cancel the rehearsal online by removing their name so that another student may step in and take advantage of that time slot.
  2. When signing up, students are expected to list the piece(s) they intend to rehearse in the comment line. If the accompaniment is demanding, students should send the music to the pianist in advance of the rehearsal. Any questions concerning sending music in advance should be directed to the staff pianist.
  3. Students should arrive for their rehearsal on time, warmed up and prepared to rehearse their song(s).
  4. Students need to ensure that they bring 2 copies of the music to the rehearsal so that the pianist and student each have a copy. Music must be in a readable format.
  5. Students may record their rehearsal on their own recording device to aid in retention.
  6. If a student fails to show up for a rehearsal time, or is a “no-show”, that time will not be made up at a later time by the staff pianist.
  7. If a student has paid for rehearsal time with one of the designated rehearsal staff pianists as part of their semester lesson arrangements, they should NOT schedule those rehearsals within these rehearsal times. These hours are not to be used for freelance rehearsals.
  8. Students should speak directly with their voice teacher about how these resources may serve them best on an individual basis.

For rep. classes, students are encouraged to bring student pianists they are working with for performances, especially when preparing for a master class or jury. When planning to work with a staff pianist, students should plan ahead: sign up for a 15-minute rehearsal time with that pianist in advance of the performance.