The School of Music Bachelor of Music graduate demonstrates competency of foundational musical knowledge related to music theory, analysis, and history.

The School of Music Bachelor of Music graduate demonstrates proficiency in musical skills related to aural skills and keyboard musicianship, and to a functional competence in music technology.


Synthesis of learning: Student demonstrates synthesis of learning in music and the outside field, including but not limited to an understanding of intersections, synergies, and conflicts between the areas of inquiry.

Sources and communication: Student is able to find and use relevant information from a variety of sources to communicate sophisticated viewpoints regarding music and other subjects.

Cultural context of music: Student synthesizes knowledge from music and other disciplines and places it within the cultural context of the music.

Written communication relating music and another discipline: Student constructs an interpretation of a piece or pieces based on musical study in relation to other disciplines and communicate it through writing.


The Bachelor of Music graduate achieves the Student Learning Outcomes of the Integrative Core Curriculum.