Whalen Center COVID-19 Safety Status

The School of Music has instituted these color code alerts to address the specific and unique needs of our students, faculty, and staff for safe use of the Whalen Center for Music facilities.

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Whalen Center COVID-19 Alert Level

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Green: Lower Risk

The information and protocols presented here are in addition to the Ithaca College Health and Safety Plan

Green: Lower Risk


In-person instruction, live performances, live audiences with safety protocols in place.

Please see the updated COVID-19 guidance for Spring Instruction in the School of Music.

  • In the School of Music, all community members, including guests are expected to follow the most recent College COVID guidance.

Beginning Friday March 4th, 2022:

  • All individuals, regardless of vaccination status, will not be required to wear face coverings in indoor locations unless clearly marked and communicated otherwise. This new policy is applicable to students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors.
  • In accordance with College guidance, faculty and staff have the discretion as to whether face coverings will be required in individual classrooms, rehearsal halls, or studios.
  • For all classroom activities, experiential learning opportunities, projects and rehearsals faculty may survey students involved to determine if there is consensus on whether face coverings can be removed – or not.
  • In light of the Tompkins County Health Department's (TCHD) recent announcement on Monday, February 28, that it has lifted its mask advisory for the greater Ithaca area – Ithaca College has modified the current face covering policy to be consistent with TCHD guidance. We request that patrons of Ithaca College continue to wear a face covering while enjoying performances in The Whalen Center for Music.

Optional Guidelines:

  • Students and/or faculty members may remove a face covering for the period time needed for a pedagogical need. An example of this would be to assess a "behind the mask" element such as embouchure, and then place the face covering back on once the assessment is complete.
  • For solo performances and rehearsals, performers may continue to wear face coverings, or remove face coverings and bell covers.
  • Ensembles and larger groups may continue to wear face coverings and/or bell covers for rehearsals and/or performances.