Whalen Center COVID-19 Safety Status

The School of Music has instituted these color code alerts to address the specific and unique needs of our students, faculty, and staff for safe use of the Whalen Center for Music facilities.

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Whalen Center COVID-19 Alert Level

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Green: Lower Risk

The information and protocols presented here are in addition to the Ithaca College Health and Safety Plan

Green: Lower Risk


In-person instruction, live performances, live audiences with safety protocols in place.

Please see the updated COVID-19 guidance for Fall Instruction in the School of Music.

  • In the School of Music, all community members, including guests are expected to follow the most recent College COVID guidance.
  • Face coverings and instrumental PPE such as bell covers, slotted masks, singer’s masks or other must be worn at all times for group classroom instruction, including ensemble rehearsals and performances.
  • There are no restrictions for time limits or spacing for rehearsals or classes, including those with aerosol instruments. Rehearsals and performances can run at regular rehearsal times and distancing may be dictated by the pedagogical need.
  • In line with College guidance, face coverings and instrumental PPE such as bell covers may be removed by an individual if in a room or office alone with the door closed. This includes practice rooms.


  • For 1:1 lessons, bell covers are not required. Students and/or faculty members may remove a face covering briefly in a 1:1 lesson for a pedagogical demonstration. An example of this would be to assess a "behind the mask" element such as embouchure, and then place the face covering back on once the assessment is complete. The Health and Safety Group recommends that this be limited to 10 minutes, and that all maintain distancing of at least 6 feet when playing an instrument if inside an office space. To engage, the student and faculty member must agree that they feel safe. 
  • For solo performances, the performer may remove a face covering and bell cover while performing. Face coverings must be put back on when not playing or singing.  All others in the room, including accompanist and collaborators must wear face coverings. The Health and Safety Group recommends that the first row of auditorium space stay empty to create additional space between audience and performers.
  • Face coverings should continue to be worn for solo performance rehearsals (including dress rehearsals) unless it must be removed briefly to accommodate placement of a costume or microphone.
  • In accordance with College guidance, guests are permitted on campus and must wear face coverings at all times, regardless of vaccination status.
  • Guest Artists who have been contracted to perform in the School of Music should contact Erik Kibelsbeck (ekibelsbeck@ithaca.edu) pertaining to COVID protocols.