ICSM Peer Leader Program

ICSM 200: Peer Leadership Information & Application

Thank you for your interest in the ICSM Peer Leadership Program!

Take a minute to review the details about the Program and if you’re interested, please complete the application below!

What is a Peer Leader?

A Peer Leader is a current Ithaca College student who acts as a peer assistant in the Ithaca College Seminar for first-year students. All students who have successfully completed their Ithaca College Seminar (ICSM) are eligible to apply.

What is the Peer Leader Program?

Through ICSM 200: Peer Leadership, students have the opportunity to earn credit by serving as a leader in the ICSM classroom. This role will enhance students’ leadership skills and provide an opportunity to collaborate with an ICSM instructor while serving as a leader to their first-year peers in the classroom.

As a Peer Leader, you will…

  • Enroll in ICSM 200: Peer Leadership for 0-1 credit during the fall semester.
  • Be paired with an Ithaca College Seminar instructor and attend the Common Hour or lecture section once a week throughout the fall semester.
  • Complete at least 3 facilitations or presentations in the ICSM section you are paired with; topics can relate to transition to IC, activities & events in Ithaca, items new students should know, & many more! These facilitations are based on communication and collaboration with your paired ICSM instructor.
  • Serve as a leader for first-year students, assist in making connections to campus resources, & aid in understanding of liberal learning.
  • Follow the policies & regulations regarding student behavior as outlined in the Ithaca College Student Handbook.

Interested in Applying to be a Peer Leader?

If this opportunity interests you, please complete the Peer Leader Interest application form below and you will be contacted directly.