Auxiliary Services Offices:

David Prunty, Executive Director

(607) 274-3313

Andrea McClatchie, Assistant to the Executive Director

(607) 274-1173

Campus Store

Rick Watson, Director
(607) 274-3958

Rodney Beers, Manager of Textbook and Trade Book Operations
(607) 274-3961

James Smith, Manager of General Merchandise Operations
(607) 274-1146

Conference and Event Services

Margie Malepe, Director

(607) 274-3313

Peter Alario, Associate Director

(607) 274-3313

Bill Scheddin, Assistant Director, Event Planning and Business Development

(607) 274-3313

Mark Warfle, Assistant Director, Event Planning and Operations

(607) 274-3313

Rachel Ash, College Events Coordinator

(607) 274-3313

Anne Carlineo, Scheduling Coordinator

(607) 274-3313

Jessica Brown, Administrative Assistant, Budget

(607) 274-1899

Toni Clark, Administrative Assistant

(607) 274-3313

Jimmy Johnson, Administrative Assistant

(607) 274-3313

Dining Services

Jeff Scott, Director

(607) 274-1187

Scott McWilliams, Operations Manager
(607) 274-5172

JJ Molina, Campus Executive Chef
(607) 274-3009

Jeff Ganey, Chef Manager
(607) 274-3443

Brian Wieliczki, Unit Manager

(607) 274-3907

Rebecca Sexton, Marketing Manager

(607) 274-7352

Tara Gianfrate, Catering Director
(607) 274-1872

Bill Lenga, Unit Manager
(607) 274-7334

Penni Maycumber, Service Manager
(607) 274-3905

James Ward, Catering Manager
(607) 274-1886

Heather Ciaschi, Unit Manager
(607) 274-3154

Brandon Innerst, Service Manager
(607) 274-3204

Pam Hopkins, Unit Controller
(607) 274-3904

Natalie Nicholas, Dietitian

Mark Darling, Sustainability Coordinator

(607) 274-7783

General Services (Mail Services, Center for Print Production, Warehouse Operations)

Jeff Golden, Director

Cheryl Boyer, Administrative Assistant

Mail Services

Peter Schlough, Mail Services Operations Manager

Art Wiliams, Mail Processing Assistant

Cindy Smith, Mail Processing Assistant

Dave Hungerford, Mail Processing Assistant

Rob Sedler, Mail Processing Assistant

Cheryl Christopher, Postal Services Assistant

Center for Print Production

Glen Harris, Print Operations Manager

Paul Mikula, Senior Printer

Scott Brown, Printer

Tonya Hulbert, Prepress Specialist

Mike Quail, General Services Assistant


Fernando Gualtieri, Access Control Systems Manager


Tyler Wagenet, Campus Card Coordinator