Procurement at Ithaca College

Professionals in Financial Services, Center for Print Production, and ITS can assist you in making purchases for Ithaca College.

Purchases made for Ithaca College should be cost-effective and contribute to the mission of the College. All purchases requiring a Purchase Order are processed through Parnassus using iProcurement. In iProcurement authorized users create requisitions which are then sent through an approval hierarchy. Once the requisition has completed the approval hierarchy, it will be turned into a Purchase Order. For all purchases Karen Cleveland creates and sends the Purchase Order to the vendor. 

There are three contacts on campus who oversee purchases. Below is the list of contacts, and topics they can answer questions regarding:

Karen Cleveland
Procurement Specialist, Financial Services

  • Any non-facilities requisition and purchase order entered in Parnassus including requisitions for Tech-renewal items
  • Ithaca Lodging Rates listed on the Travel Services website
  • Sole-source justifications 

Wayne French
Director of Center for Print Production

  • Sending out requests for proposals (RFP) and/or receiving bids
  • Shipment arrangements
  • Recommended suppliers
  • Supplier meetings
  • Moving company contacts for new employees
  • Non-facilities surplus property management
  • Name tag orders
  • Ithaca College's office supply vendor agreements

Irene Scott
Coordinator of Technology Renewal and Desktop Acquisition

  • Technology Renewal computer & network printer related questions
  • Custom and non-Technology Renewal desktop and network printer orders
  • Technology consulting and technology budget planning
  • Educational Purchase Programs (personal purchases)
  • Recommended technology vendors
  • ITS Catalog receiving, installs, returns, and other issues