Mail Services

Standardized Addresses

Over the past few years Mail Services has recognized the need to create a "standardized" method or format to be utilized when sending mail to our campus. One of the primary reasons for doing this is that more and more companies are starting to use third-party software to "validate" addresses before sending on to the United States Postal Service (USPS), which helps cut down on postage expense for the respective organization.

What we are finding is that, when this type of "delivery point validation" software is used and it does not recognize an address, it will either convert the address to a similar recognizable address or require the USPS to hand-sort the mail prior to final delivery to our campus. The end result is a considerable delay in the receipt of our mail; oftentimes our mail has been delivered to wrong addresses because of the validation software being used.

The important or key piece to this format is that "953 Danby Rd" must be placed on the line directly above city, state and ZIP code (except for Circles residents). This will expedite the time in which the USPS delivers incoming mail to the College. In addition, the recommended format provides the key information (department name/residence hall building) for IC's Mail Services department to expedite delivery across campus.

Download Standardized Addresses
Microsoft PowerPoint Document - Size: 120 kB