Incoming Mail Process

  • Mail is sorted by department name.
  • Mail addressed to someone that is no longer with your department may be delivered to the current person holding that position or re-addressed (if known) and placed in intra-campus mail.
  • One mail delivery run begins at 9 am.
  • It begins at Alumni and continues to the Cerache, Towers, Gannett, Hill Center, Smiddy, CHS, Dillingham, PRW, Job, Park Center, Muller, Phillips Hall, Egbert, Williams, Hammond, New Science Bldg, Park Communications, Rothschild Place, A&E Center and Fitness Center.
  • Beginning around 9:30 am, FedEx Express makes deliveries.
  • Beginning around 10:30 am, UPS, USPS and FedEx Home make deliveries.
  • Afternoon, FedEx Ground makes deliveries.
  • Around 1:30 pm, the USPS will return with additional Express mail.
  • All parcels are delivered the day we receive them except FedEx Ground depending on the arrival time.