Action Items to Address Racism and Cultural Bias

The action items detailed below have been formed primarily from the work completed by the Diversity Strategic Planning Committee in 2010, suggestions of campus community members, and from the best practices campus leaders have learned about in this important field of work.

Some of the action items listed were started many months and even years ago by community members. Thank you to those who have already devoted time and effort to these initiatives. Work on other action items has yet to begin.

These initiatives will continue to evolve to best serve the needs of the IC community and to reflect additional feedback as we strive—together—to make Ithaca College an inclusive and welcoming place for all community members and visitors. 

Timing and Accountability

The college is committed to pursuing the initiatives  as quickly as possible, but they also need to be implemented in the right way for IC. Careful thought and feedback from faculty, staff, and students on campus is absolutely necessary to make sure that the action items are developed and rolled out to best meet our community’s goals. 

A projected timeline for completion of the initiatives was originally posted on October 29, 2015, to provide guidance to the college on the work ahead. As the actual work progresses, research is completed, and project scopes are defined, updates will be posted next to each action item and the timeline will be updated. As with any project, new feedback, unforeseen logistical challenges, or changes to the scope of projects may necessitate changes to projected deadlines. Those changes will be reflected on the timeline.

View the projected timeline here

Your Feedback

More feedback is needed to help refine the initiatives. Please use this form to share your ideas on the initiatives you feel the college should adopt in order to make IC a more inclusive and welcoming community. Your ideas will be discussed by campus leaders and the Council for Diversity and Inclusion. 

Cross-Cultural Awareness and Effectiveness

For Students

Students are the lifeblood of Ithaca College and the reason the college exists.

For Faculty

A positive relationship between faculty members and students is vital to individual success.

For Staff and Administration

The staff and administration manage the operation of the college so it can achieve its mission of educating students.

For Volunteers

The college's volunteers ensure the college and its various events are planned and executed in a manner that reflects the attitudes and ideals of IC.

Council for Diversity and Inclusion

CODI Membership

The Council on Diversity and Inclusion (CODI) was established fall 2015 to serve as a permanent standing council.

Campus Climate Survey Committee

A committee will help prepare the campus for the upcoming campus climate survey.

Student Support

Discrimination Grievances

Raise awareness for guidelines for resolving discrimination grievances about any type of bias or inequity.

Support Network

The college will increase the number of individuals available and to support students in navigating the discrimination complaint process.

Safe Space

The college will create a space to serve as the physical and emotional support safe space for ALANA students.

ALANA Alumni-Student Network

The college will create a mentor program devoted to fostering relationships between ALANA alumni and students.

Hiring and Retention of Faculty and Staff

Hiring Guidelines

We are redefining our guidelines to ensure inclusiveness in our faculty, staff, and student employee hires.

Expand the Pre-Doctoral Program

The Dissertation Diversity Fellowship will be increased to four individuals per academic year.

New Programs

Additional retention programs for ALANA faculty and staff will be developed.

Create a Diversity Postdoctoral Fellow

A Fellow would be recruited in the STEM programs to help mentor undergraduate students.

Campus Climate Survey

Conduct a New Survey in 2016

A new campus climate survey will assess the feelings and attitudes of students, faculty, and staff about all facets of their experience at IC.

Public Safety

Relationship Building and Satellite Office

Develop additional programming to foster a positive relationship between Public Safety Officers, ALANA community members, and visitors to campus.

External Review

An external reviewwill assess Public Safety recruitment, training, practices, and procedures and consider recommendations for improvement.

Body Cameras

Body cameras for use by Public Safety officers.

Community Review Board

Create a Community Review Board, including current students from diverse backgrounds

Residential Life and Office of Public Safety Work Group

Partnering to Support Residential Students

Improving the working relationships between these two staff groups will help promote an environment where ALANA students feel safe and respected.