Tenure and Promotion

Walter Byongsok Chon

Associate Professor, Theatre Studies
Specialty: Dramaturgy, Script Analysis, Theories of Performance, Translation, Theatre Criticism

Matthew Clauhs

Associate Professor, Music Education

Mike Costello

Associate Professor, Physical Therapy

Jenna Heffron

Associate Chair and Associate Professor, Occupational Therapy
Specialty: Critical Occupational Therapy, Disability Studies Applications Within Occupational Therapy, Participatory Action Research, Qualitative Research Methods, School-Based Practice

Karen Lomond

Associate Professor and Associate Chair, Physical Therapy
Specialty: Biomechanics, Motion Analysis, Posture, Balance

Elizabeth Medina-Gray

Associate Professor, Music Theory, History Composition

Tim Mirabito

Associate Professor and Chair, Journalism
Specialty: Sport media, Sport and tragedy, New routines

Margaret Shackell

Associate Professor and Director, Accounting and Business Law
Specialty: Accounting, Performance Measurement, Incentives, Decision Making

Yvette Sterbenk

Associate Professor, Strategic Communication
Specialty: Corporate communication, public relations, event planning, social media management

Rhonda Vanover

Associate Professor, Media Arts, Sciences and Studies
Specialty: Photojournalism, Alternative/Darkroom Processes

Courtney Young

Associate Professor, Theatre and Dance Performance

Christopher Zemliauskas

Associate Professor, Music Performance

Daniel Zimmerman

Associate Professor, Theatre Production and Management

Professor Emeriti 2021-2022

Professor Emeritus - Posthumously - Hal Reynolds, Music Performance

Laurie Arliss

Professor Emerita, Communication Studies

Susannah Berryman

Lecturer, Music Performance
Specialty: Acting & Directing

Nancy Brcak

Professor Emerita, Art History
Specialty: American Art and Architecture; Modern Architecture

Vivian Bruce Conger

Professor Emerita, History

Carole Dennis

Professor Emerita, Occupational Therapy
Specialty: Occupational Therapy

Janet Galvan

Professor Emerita, Music Performance
Specialty: Director of Choral Activities, Conducting

Michael Galvan

Professor Emeritus, Music Performance

Linda Heyne

Professor Emerita, Recreation and Leisure Studies
Specialty: Therapeutic Recreation

Michael Malpass

Dana Professor Emeritus, Anthropology
Specialty: South American archaeology

Carol McAmis

Professor Emerita, Music Performance
Specialty: Voice

Deborah Montgomery

Professor Emerita, Music Performance
Specialty: Voice

Janice Elich Monroe

Retired Professor, Recreation and Leisure Studies
Specialty: Recreation Therapy, Interdisciplinary Collaboration, Contemplative Education & Mindfulness

Paige Morgan

Professor Emerita, Music Performance
Specialty: Oboe/English horn

Kevin Murphy

Lecturer, Literatures in English
Specialty: American Poetry and Modern Irish Literature

Timothy Nord

Associate Professor Emeritus, Music Theory, History Composition
Specialty: Music Technology

Alex Perialas

Associate Professor Emeritus, Music Performance
Specialty: Sound Recording Technology

Nancy Rader

Professor Emerita, Psychology
Specialty: Development of Cognition and Perception

Greg Robbins

Associate Professor Emeritus, Theatre Arts

Peter Rothbart

Lecturer, Music Education
Specialty: Electroacoustic Music, Film Music

James Rothenberg

Associate Professor Emeritus, Sociology
Specialty: youth, social psychology, research methods, theory

Stanley Seltzer

Professor Emeritus, Mathematics

Thomas Shevory

Professor Emeritus, Politics
Specialty: Law and Public Policy

Elizabeth Simkin

Associate Professor Emerita, Music Performance
Specialty: Cello