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Weather Center for the Apocalypse: Jury Prize

Weather Center for the Apocalypse

United States, 2015–2017
Amelia Marzec

Weather Center for the Apocalypse exists in multiple iterations, including installations and web platforms.

Bypassing events in the past, this project focuses on what could happen in the future by predicting changes in our environment and culture that impact humans’ entitlement to autonomy.

A series of interviews requires users to toggle between different perspectives in a mediated performance of listening within a wider community. Interviewees, including Rita Sharper pictured above, communicate their experiences and expectations on the future of our shared environments. In addition to a web-based platform, the project operates across “a personal satellite radio system made out of salvaged materials and old technology” called Future Satellite.

Another component of the project is a homemade weather station called Weather Tower, made of recycled items and simple sensors, to collect information such as temperature, pressure, wind speed, and rainfall.   

This project infiltrates our communication environment with alerts and entertainment geared toward persuading individuals to set aside their own personal objectives in favor of our collective interests.

While this project’s intervention is important everywhere, it is particularly significant in the United States, which has been the epicenter for discrediting science and prioritizing short-term profits over long-term costs.

This project received a jury prize.