School of Humanities and Sciences — Summer Scholars Program

Supporting students engaged in creative inquiry, research, and scholarship projects

Studentsare you looking for a summer job that is also intellectually rewarding and provides professional experience?

Facultyare you an engaged faculty mentor who enjoys collaborating with students on mutually-enriching projects?

Then the H&S Summer Scholars program is for you!

Read about what our 2017 Scholars and Mentors have to say about their experiences in the program.


The School of Humanities and Sciences (H&S) is committed to supporting and facilitating student involvement in mentored inquiry projects.

During this "signature work," students take ownership of their own academic exploration and delve into the challenging and rewarding world of research, scholarship, and creative inquiry. Outcomes are uncertain and progress can mean wandering through blind alleys and retracing your steps; ultimately, it is a world where the excitement of the "a ha!" moment makes the work worthwhile.

Through the Summer Scholar Program, H&S invites students to extend their engagement and dedication into the summer months, providing them a paid opportunity to engage full-time in mentored projects. All scholars receive active mentoring by H&S faculty. Through participation in these projects, and through community activities that bring Scholars together, students develop both academic and professional skills preparing them for disciplinary and global communities after graduation.

We invite you to explore the program—if you are a current H&S student, although the deadline for summer 2018 program has passed, it's not too early to start thinking about the kind of project you might like to pursue in summer 2019!