2.36 Cell Phone Policy

I. Policy Statement

Ithaca College is committed to providing essential, business-related tools for faculty and staff in a manner that promotes the proper stewardship of College funds; complies with IRS and other regulatory requirements; and establishes a framework for consistent decision-making. The College recognizes the need for some employees to utilize departmental cell phones in the course of their job requirements. 

II. Purpose

This policy provides general guidelines for the appropriate and reasonable expenditure of Ithaca College funds for the use of departmental cell phones for College related business purposes.

III. To Whom This Policy Applies

Any department with employees whose positions require the use of a departmental cell phone for College related business purposes.

IV. Responsibility

The President, Vice Presidents, and Deans are responsible for assuring that within their administrative units or schools, budget funds are available to meet all business related commitments and all expenditures follow appropriate Ithaca College policies, regardless of the source of funds.

V. Overview

This policy is established as guidance to departments with employees who, by the nature of their work, are required to be accessible by phone regardless of the time of day, day of the week, or geographical location.

The IRS considers cell phones to be “listed property”. As such, the IRS requires detailed record keeping requiring business purpose substantiation of every call made on a departmental cell phone. 

VI. Departmental Cell Phone Guidelines

The appropriate Vice President, or designee, may authorize the use of a departmental cell phone for employees whose job responsibilities require them to work outside of an office during both business hours and non-business hours. This might include employees whose job responsibilities require them to provide technical and/or remote support to College systems.

A departmental cell phone is a shared phone that is turned in by each employee at the end of their shift. Departmental cell phones are to be used for business purposes only. Phone bills for departmental cell phones must be reviewed monthly by department heads, or their designee, to verify business use. The appropriate Vice President or designee is responsible for an annual review of the business need for a departmental cell phone to determine if the need should continue.

Last Updated:  June 27, 2023