After Acceptance

All new incoming international students must take the following steps to confirm their attendance at Ithaca College:

  1. Write to declare your intention to accept our offer of admission. Be sure to include the confirmation deposit (in U.S. currency) if one is required for your program. A letter should be addressed to the Director of Admissions if you are an undergraduate student or to the Dean of Graduate Studies if you will be undertaking a Master's program at Ithaca.
  2. Complete and return the Certification of Finances form which will enable Ithaca College to issue you an I-20 or DS-2019 form (student visa eligibility document). The Certification of Finances should show financial resources to support your studies in the U.S. for the number of years required to complete your degree program.
  3. File financial aid forms and apply for scholarships.
  4. Apply for a passport or renew your passport.
  5. Apply for a student visa.
  6. Confirm your arrival date (on campus) with our office.
  7. Confirm your housing arrangements.
    • If you are an undergraduate, Consult the Office of Residential Life about on-campus housing. (When choosing on-campus housing, remember that the residence halls (dorms) are closed during specified break periods and that you will need to plan for alternative accommodations during those dates.)
    • If you are a graduate student, contact your academic department for assistance with finding off-campus housing.
  8. Purchase supplemental health insurance. 
    • All matriculated undergraduate students are automatically enrolled in the College insurance plan.
    • J-1 students must meet USIA minimum requirements for their health insurance.
  9. Undergo a medical examination. Be sure to bring the Health Certification Form required by Ithaca College to your examination for your doctor to complete. (Every new student is required to complete and submit a Health Certification Form to the College Health Services before the first day of class.)
  10. Prepare your packing list.