Health Care

We are firm believers that prevention is the best cure – so we hope that our students will take advantage of all the resources available to them on campus to stay healthy and fit.

Find Time for Self-Care

We will be encouraging the students to utilize the facilities and programs of the Fitness Center . We also hope that students will take care of themselves, that they will dress warmly during the winter season, and that they will eat properly (for information about the dining options on campus, please see

The Hammond Health Center

The Hammond Health Center on campus is staffed by physicians, physician assistants, nurses, nurse aides, a radiology (x-ray) technician, and laboratory technicians and can treat students who need medical attention when school is in session. If the student needs a referral to a specialist off campus, the Health Center will help the student make an appointment and will also provide transportation to the appointment and then bring the student back to campus. They also have eight “treatment beds”, which are available during the Health Center’s open hours (8am-11pm Monday-Friday; 10am-6pm on the weekends) for students who need to be observed by a medical professional, but do not need to go to the local hospital. The Health Center also has a small medicine room on site, and they work with a local pharmacy which will bring to campus any prescription medication a student may need. As needed, the doctors at the Health Center work closely with the psychologists from the Counseling Center which is located in the same building. While there is a fee for some medications, the rest of the services available through the Health Center (such as X-rays, laboratory tests, and most medications) are free of charge to all students who have the standard IC health insurance. The Health Center is open when school is in session, but is open for limited hours only during the summer and is closed during school breaks.

Health Certification Form

All new students receive a Health Certification Form before coming to IC. It is very important that the student and their doctor fill it out completely, so our Health Center has the correct and current health and immunization record of each student. The Health Center must receive this completed form in advance of the student’s enrollment into classes. If you have questions about the form, please e-mail .