Many contract documents, such as basic invoices and approved contract templates, may not require legal review. A contract must be reviewed by the Offices of the General Counsel and Risk Management if one or more of the following apply:

  • Contains insurance provisions
  • Includes the words or phrases indemnification, limitation of liability, hold harmless, or any other language that shifts legal responsibility from one party to another.
  • Uses general terms, such as "travel expenses" without explicitly defining them
  • Provides for revenue-sharing between the College and another party
  • Limits the other party's potential damages
  • Contract duration exceeds three years (including renewals) or the contract automatically renews at the end of each term with no final end date
  • Requires full payment in advance
  • Treats any College employee as an independent contractor
  • Contains any legal or insurance provisions that you do not fully understand

If your contract includes any of the provisions above, please submit your contract for review using the Contract Review Request Form.

Contract Review Team

For most College contracts, the Contract Review Team consists of the offices listed below. However, the Contract Review Team may identify additional offices whose reviews (and possibly approvals) may be required based on the subject matter, certain specific terms, monetary cost, or other factors that may arise.

  • Office of the General Counsel
  • Office of Risk Management and Insurance
  • Office of Procurement
  • Office of Information Technology (for software- or technology-related agreeements)